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Wonder Woman 1984 Snags $5.5M in its 2nd Weekend, Soul Soars in China

It's a little weird to be writing about the box office again, and while things are in no way returning to normal anytime soon, it does feel a bit like the pure hell that was 2020 is at least a little behind us. Wonder Woman 1984 continues to have the more interesting box office to keep an eye on because we don't really know what is going to happen with the HBO Max release. It seems that we might be seeing some of that fallout, and it makes sense when you think about it. The second weekend Wonder Woman 1984 took in $5.5 million domestically, and it has brought its worldwide box office to $118 million, according to Yahoo.

Wonder Woman 1984 Snags $5.5M in its 2nd Weekend, Soul Soars in China
L-R: Wonder Woman 1984 Poster. Credit: HBO Max/Warner Bros. | Soul Poster. Credit: Disney/Pixar

These numbers are interesting because it does show a drop from the opening weekend. The thing that HBO Max could really hurt for blockbusters is repeat viewings. While the theatrical experience is great it's not something that everyone wants to experience every single time they see a movie. For some, seeing a movie in theaters once is enough, and if they have HBO Max already and they want to see Wonder Woman 1984 again, then they'll probably stay home. While it's still too early to say one way or another with the numbers, the HBO Max decision could prevent movies from having legs or continuing to make money after opening weekend. As previously said, it's still too early to make a call, but if this does end up being the case, theaters are the ones that will suffer the most. They make more money on movies, the longer they are in theaters.

Over in China, Soul is looking like it's going to have a very good theatrical run over there. Much like Coco, which opened soft in China and then very much gained steam over time, it looks like Soul is on its way to do the same thing. According to VarietySoul brought in $13.8 million in its second weekend, more than doubling its soft $5.5 million Christmas opening. This is largely credited to Soul's extremely positive word of mouth on Chinese review and social media sites. That makes it "the highest-grossing foreign import of the New Year weekend, far outstripping Wonder Woman 1984 and even Hayao Miyazaki's older but beloved animation Ponyo." It's being cited as one of the biggest New Year weekend on record at $199 million. So while the domestic box office continues to stumble over in China, things are picking up steam. That brings the total box office of Soul to $32.5 million.

Dreamworks Animation's The Croods: A New Age has crossed to $115 million and was part of the new Universal agreement with AMC and Cinemark that cut the theatrical window down to seventeen days. The theater chains will get a cut of the digital sales from the movie as well. News of the World, the new western starring Tom Hanks and directed by Paul Greengrass, brought in $1.7 million, bringing its total to $5.4 million. Monster Hunter continues to struggle as it brought in $1.2 million, bringing its domestic total to $6.3 million, and its worldwide box office to just over $11 million. Promising Young Woman is likely going to be an awards contender, and with its promising reviews and thought-provoking subject material, people are going to be talking about it. Its domestic total is $1.9 million, as it brought in $660,000 domestically its second weekend. News of the World and Promising Young Woman, the former is a Universal title, and the latter is a Focus title that is part of Universal and falls under that seventeen-day window. As they move into their third week of release, they will both be coming to VOD soon for those who don't want to venture out into the world.

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