Woody Harrelson Reflects on Carnage Introduction in Venom

Soon we'll be getting to witness the first major live-action version of the beloved Spider-Man character Carnage, but as it turns out, the character's introduction wasn't a thoughtless endeavor for actor Woody Harrelson.

When you think about Harrelson's long and established filmography, it's hard to affiliate the actor with any possibility of nerves. He previously played a kickass confident zombie hunter, a former detective, and a winner of The Hunger Games, because he's the epitome of badassery. Now, we're excited to see the star's version of the iconic character Carnage when the Venom sequel (Venom: Let There Be Carnage) drops next month. He recently suggested his Sony introduction stirred up more nerves than one might assume.

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When speaking to Screen Rant to promote his role upcoming film, the actor went back to his Carnage post-credit scene in the first Venom, telling the publication, "I felt when I did the first one, I was a little bit … I mean, I think of Tom Hardy as one of the great actors. I really do. I think this guy is such a phenomenal actor. And just being in the Marvel Universe, and I don't know, everything all put together, I was a little nervous when I did that first one. And so I wasn't free enough to be able to … If you're too nervous, you go into an audition, people who audition and they go in, they're so nervous, they could've done a good job, but they were just so nervous. So I felt like I was a little … I never even told Tom this. So anyway, I'm revealing it to you. But I was a little nervous, and I just didn't feel like I was free enough to be more creative."

Obviously, it was enough to impress the studio, as Carnage is now incorporated in the upcoming film's title, and now there's this undeniable hype surrounding a beloved character and actor becoming one.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage hits theaters starting October 1, so make sure to give the first film a re-watch to prepare for more Venom soon!

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