Petulant WWE Raw Crowd Boos Ronda Rousey, Cheers Jason Jordan's Injury

The crowd for WWE Raw seems particularly meanspirited tonight. In a segment at the end of the first hour of Raw, General Manager Kurt Angle came to the ring to make a pair of announcements. First, Angle said that former UFC Champion Ronda Rousey will sign her WWE contract at the Elimination Chamber PPV in two weeks. The crowd loudly booed the mention of Rousey's name. Though Rousey is a major star, since appearing at the end of January's Royal Rumble PPV, some fans, and even some WWE Superstars, have accused Rousey of stealing the spotlight from WWE's hard-working women.

But it was Angle's next announcement that prompted a truly shocking reaction. Angle revealed that his son, Jason Jordan, was forced to have neck surgery due to a lingering injury, and would be out of action, missing WrestleMania. The crowd cheered, showing a complete lack of compassion for the young Superstar. Angle even tried speaking to the crowd as a father, explaining that no matter how the crowd feels about any WWE Superstar, taking pleasure in an injury, especially on that forces the Superstar to miss the biggest show (and biggest payday) of the year, is sick and cruel.

The crowd seemed unmoved by Angle's pleas, however. Angle was so distraught that he even accidentally referred to WWE Superstars as "wrestlers" during a conversation with Seth Rollins, though he quickly realized his mistake and corrected himself. Despite their sick and depraved behavior, Angle still allowed the crowd to make a decision on whether Seth Rollins could join the night's planned Fatal Four Way match for entry into the Elimination Chamber match, making it a Fatal Five Way. The crowd cheered, and though Angle should have told them, "too bad," he added Rollins to the match instead.

Now that crowd will never learn their lesson. Sad.

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