WWE Shockingly Not Happy That The Rock Called CM Punk From The Ring Last Night


Earlier today, we told you about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's impromptu decision to call estranged former WWE superstar CM Punk from the middle of the ring while filming scenes from his upcoming movie, Fighting With My Family. Apparently, WWE wasn't happy with the phone call, according to the kind of report you can only get from paying for PWInsider's subscription only dirt sheet service (unless you look for another site, like 411 Wrestling, to report on their report). 411 reports that PWInsider reported that WWE were upset about The Rock's call, and sent someone to the ring to ask him to knock it off.


After Punk left WWE in 2014, he commented on a podcast that WWE's doctor didn't properly handle his MRSA infection while he worked for the company, amongst other complaints. Punk is currently being sued for slander by that doctor, Chris Amann. Punk has claimed that WWE is bankrolling Amann's lawsuit, so tension is high between Punk and the company as they are allegedly involved in some kind of proxy lawsuit. It's not at all surprising that WWE would be panicked about what Punk might say on a live mic (via telephone) to an arena of WWE fans who, for the large part, side with Punk over the company, as evidenced by their continuing to chant his name three years after he walked out.

Of course, WWE needs The Rock far more than The Rock needs WWE, so it's believed that he operates with impunity whenever he graces WWE with his presence, and probably doesn't really care whether they're upset about it or not. Nor should he. The Rock calling CM Punk was the most exciting thing to happen on Raw in years, and it wasn't even aired on TV.

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