New York Times Pulls 'Handbook For Mortals' From Bestseller List Amid Tampering Controversy

A short while ago, we told you about Handbook For Mortals, the new young adult novel by Lani Sarem which found its way at the top of the New York Times Bestseller List. How did it get there? According to an investigation by website Pajiba and young adult author and publisher Phil Stamper, basically by somebody making bulk orders for the book just under the threshold that would flag the sales as corporate at what must be hundreds of bookstores.

The story has been all the rage on social media today, with people outraged that the book could game the system (even if the system was built to be gamed). Well, it took them a while, but it looks like the New York Times has caught on and removed the book from the Bestseller chart, according to Pajiba's most recent update.

With Handbook for Mortals out of the picture, or at least down to the number two slotThe Hate U Give by Angie Thomas has returned to its rightful place atop the charts.

All's well that ends well? The only question is whether Handbook for Mortals stayed on top of the chart long enough to make its movie deal viable.

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