Nerd Fashion: Jordandené Brings Nerd Power to Fashion and Podcasting

Hey, all you nerdy fashionistas. Looking for a way to express your fandom in a witty, fun, and positive way? Let me tell you about Jordandené, your new favorite site. What is Jordandené, you're probably asking? Well, according to the site:

"Jordandené is a Brooklyn-based, woman-owned, small business. Our casually geeky apparel and home goods are subtle enough to actually be used in everyday life. Our design team uses traditional ink and brush techniques to create unique, hand-lettered designs. We choose messages that both strike a chord with hardcore fans and promote positive messages to everyone who sees them.  "

This sounds like everything I like and then some. I'm a huge fan of being ultra comfortable at all times, but I also like showing off my nerdy pride at all times. This shop has a little bit of everything, including shirts, pins, phone cases, aprons, and so much more. I sincerely like everything on this site. It's all very trendy, while also being very nerdy. I know I've said that a lot in this article, but I mean it. This is quality stuff. Below is just a sample of what you can find on the site.

On top of that, Jordandené has a pretty solid podcast as well. What's the podcast about? Glad you asked!

"The Sartorial Geek is a podcast for the geek in all of us. We focus on pop culture, girl power, and cool stories told by cool people. Brought to you by the team at Jordandené."

Seriously, go browse their stuff, and give their podcast a listen. I guarantee you'll find something you like here!

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