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Razer Lanuches Two new Apparel Collections With Genesis & Unleashed
These two lines are a part of a new in-house apparel set that is designed to give comfort and fashion at home and on the go The company has released previous "limited edition" lines with collaborations between BAPE and Fossil, both of which sold out in a day So the company is offering that same[...]
Drag Race
A traditional acting challenge that allows each queen time to shine (or fail), like Season 13's holiday movie trailer challenge would have been a much better choice. Image: Screencap The runway was also just alright – the theme was "Night of 1000 J-Lo's" in honor of Jennifer Lopez's iconic fashion looks It was a nice departure from[...]
MARAUDERS #21 cover by Russell Dauterman
The comic will be in stores on June 2nd, kicking off the Hellfire Gala event. Seriously? Not even Tony Stark came in a tux? Now we're forced to ask the question: did the Avengers and Fantastic Four decide to show up underdressed for this epic event? Or did the X-Men not tell them there was a[...]
With less than two weeks to go until Ryan Murphy and Ewan McGregor's Halston makes its fashionable debut on Netflix, viewers are getting a look at the official trailer ahead of May 14 The limited series follows McGregor's Halston (famed fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick) as he leverages his single, invented name into a worldwide[...]
Flash ahead a little more than one year later, and Netflix viewers are getting their first look at the cast- with the story of famed fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick set to premiere on May 14 The limited series follows McGregor's Halston as he leverages his single, invented name into a worldwide fashion empire that's[...]
Dan Gamache Makes Custom Sneakers For Briskk's New Flavor
A bit of an oddity for geek fashion but iced tea maker Brisk hit up artist Dan "Mache" Gamache for a special pair of geeky sneakers The company has released its first new flavor to the line in over five years with the addition of Brisk Zero Sugar Lemon Iced Tea To mark the occasion[...]
Original Stitch Reveals Pokémon 25th Anniversary Fabrics
Getting this moment right—for us and the community—is essential, which is why we spent so much time transforming these designs into must-have fashion items for 2021."Generation III introduces the next generation of characters Treecko, Grovyle, Sceptile—these are just a few of the 34 characters that were the inspiration for the new line of patterns, all[...]
Next in Fashion (Image: Netflix)
Being a lover of beautiful things – whether it's the perfect ice sculpture, or cake design, body painting, or makeup application – it's is truly a pleasure to experience professionals create something out of nothing and Netflix's Next in Fashion produced by Robin Ashbrook, Yasmin Shackleton, and Adam Cooper is no different The reality show[...]
Interview: D&D-Inspired Clothing Line Cantrip
This is a brand new clothing line inspired by the tabletop RPG, made to look geeky yet fashionable The company officially launched this week, and with it, we got a chance to interview the people behind it Same familiar names in D&D circles as we chat with Ahren Gray, Anna Prosser, and Nathan Sharp[...]
'Katy Keene': Camille Hyde, Lucien Laviscount Join CW 'Riverdale' Spinoff Series
Set to play siblings Alexandra and Alexander Cabot respectively, Hyde and Laviscount join Riverdale's Ashleigh Murray, Jonny Beauchamp (Penny Dreadful), and Julia Chan (Saving Hope) on the pilot project. Netflix/Crackle Describing the spinoff as "very different from Riverdale," Aguirre-Sacasa's Katy Keene follows the lives and loves of four iconic Archie Comics characters — including fashion legend-to-be Katy Keene and singer/songwriter Josie McCoy (Murray)[...]
Her Universe, Hot Topic Release New 'Captain Marvel' Inspired Line
Her Universe and Hot Topic have partnered once again to create and release a new line of fashion items (jackets, shirts, dresses, accessories) that are allllllll gonna help you go higher, further and faster because they're Captain Marvel inspired. The line just dropped this morning, and you can browse the items on both Her Universe's website and[...]
Katy Keene: Will CW's Spinoff Pilot Also Spin Off Riverdale Characters?
While everyone was over there wondering when fans are going to get a legit Riverdale/Chilling Adventures of Sabrina crossover (you know what we mean), the CW was over here announcing a pilot order for Riverdale spinoff Katy Keene. Written and executive produced by "Riverdale-verse" mastermind Robert Aguirre-Sacasa and Michael Grassi, the musical dramedy series would focus[...]
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Frank Reynolds – Fashion Icon, Deep Thinker (VIDEO)
From running sweat shops and drug-dealing operations to underground gambling rings and Wolf Cola (he likes to keep his business interests diversified), Frank has a long history of successful-until-the-feds-find-out businesses that's put him in the company of some less-than-savory characters (probably why he's comfortable at Paddy's) – and yet he still lives to fight another[...]
Geek Chic Gift Ideas For the Fashionable Fan
Oh goodie, yet-another-gift guide filling your feed- BUT WAIT this one has fandom fashions and geek chic suggestions! There is no shortage of companies specializing in nerdy novelty designs (in fact, that too is a company that does oven mitts, pot holders, and aprons using the best fabrics), but maybe you need a lil reminder of[...]
Check Out This Dora Milaje-Inspired Moto Jacket from Karol B
Superhero films and costumes continue to inspire fashion as they have for decades, and we wanted to share this pretty fabulous Black Panther Dora Milaje inspired moto jacket from designer Karol B. Okoye, a proud Wakandan traditionalist and head of the Dora Milaje, an elite group of female warriors. Karol Bartoszynski, who began a Black Panther costuming website, is[...]
Pinup Girl Clothing has Overlook Hotel Items Available for Pre-Order
All work and no fashion make Jackie a dull girl, after all. You can check out other offerings from Pinup Girl Clothing on their website here. Dear Pinup Girl Clothing- our closets need a section devoted purely to your shapely dresses, swinging skirts, and the new Overlook Hotel inspired collection. Fans of The Shining will no doubt know[...]
Batgirl Ditches Burnside Costume for Updated Classic Look by Sean Gordon Murphy
Big news for superhero fashion aficionados! Batgirl is leaving Burnside with August's Batgirl #26, and she's leaving behind the costume that's become iconic since its introduction on the cover of 2014's Batgirl #35. Batgirl's new costume was designed by Sean Gordon Murphy and can be seen on the cover of Batgirl #27 below: In an interview with[...]
Kate Spade at the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards, 10/19/01, NYC
Reporting the passing of anyone is never an easy task, and it's with a heavy heart we share the news that prominent fashion designer Kate Spade has died. Spade was reportedly found deceased by her housekeeper this morning in her Manhattan apartment Early police reports indicate her death is being investigated as a suicide. Kate Spade at the[...]