ColourPop's New Sailor Moon Line Will Help You Fight Evil by Moonlight!

ColourPop's newest collection has officially launched — and it's turning people everywhere into their favorite magical school girl! The ColourPop x Sailor Moon collection was an instant hit, with items selling out almost as soon as they launched. The collection comes with the following magical items:

  • Pretty Guardian Shadow Palette ($20)
    • Shining Moon – Pale Peach with Hot Pink Pinpoints  / matte
    • Twilight Flash – Vibrant Tangerine/matte
    • Silver Crystal – Soft Pink with a Gold Flip / Metallic
    • Moon Castle – Soft Coral/matte
    • Full Moon – Yellow Orange with a Gold Flip / Metallic
    • Silver Millennium – Yellow Gold / Super Shock
    • Mare Serenitatis – Mid-toned Pink with Pinpoints of Gold / Foiled
    • Luna – Iridescent Lavender / Metallic
    • Justice – Yellow with Gold and Silver Pinpoints / Matte
    • Tuxedo Rose – Vibrant Coral Red with Silver Pinpoints / Matte
    • Love – Rosey Pink with Silver Pinpoints / Matte
    • Miracle Romance – Orchid / Matte
  • Moonlight Liquid Lip Duo ($15)
    • Ultra Glossy Lip
      • Sailor Moon – Pinky Coral with Gold PinPoints
    • Ultra Blotted Lip
      • Bun Head – Rosey Pink
  • Daylight Liquid Lip Duo ($15)
    • Ultra Glossy Lip
      • Moon Tiara – Yellow Orange with Gold and Pink Pinpoints
    • Ultra Blotted Lip
      • Usagi – Mid-tone Pink
  • From the Moon Pressed Powder Blush ($12)
    • Vibrant Pink / Matte
  • Cat's Eye Pressed Powder Blush ($12)
    • Rosey Pink with Silver Pinpoints / Pearlized
  • Moon Prism Power Glitterally Obsessed Glitter Gels ($9)
    • Soft Lilac with Opalescent Flip
  • Moonlight Legend Glitterally Obsessed Glitter Gels ($9)
    • Soft Pink with Multidimensional Glitter
  • Full Collection ($89)

For starters, I am obsessed with the packaging. It's eye-catching, fun, and really gets you in the magical girl groove of things. I didn't know what to try first — it's all so awesome!

The eye shadows blend like butter. I used Silver Crystal as a base, and Moonlight Romance on my lids. The combination gave me a glittery soft pink look. For my cheeks, I used From The Moon, a nice pink shade that complimented my pale skin well. For a highlighter, I used the Moonlight Legend Glitter Gel. A little goes a long way with it! For my lips, I used Usagi, a nice pink/orange color.

ColourPop's new Sailor Moon line will help you fight evil by moonlight!

ColourPop is vegan and cruelty-free, so you can rest easy knowing your fighting evil by moonlight while being good to the Earth. ColourPop will be releasing more of the collection soon, so keep your eye on their social media for the next release of the Sailor Moon collection!

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