We Joined The E Coin Revolution: Mr. Robot At NYCC

Danielle Mick and Freddy Valle are reporting from NYCC for Bleeding Cool

Mr. Robot at NYCC

It is no secret that Sam Esmail's television series Mr. Robot rules in the category of viral advertising. When we received a chance to RSVP to the exclusive launch of E Corp's new, secure way to handle money, the E Coin, we knew we had to attend. To gain admittance to the event you had to be 21 years of age due to the open bar and countless glasses of champagne as well as stand outside for close to two hours before the doors opened. This was not a problem, however, because the line was just as immersive as the actual experience. Men and women were dressed in business appropriate E Corp branded sweaters and suits urging us to sign up for the Bank of E. If we participated, we were given a plethora of swag including lanyards, pens, notepads, sunglasses, bottle openers, stickers, and enamel pins. Every once and awhile, a lonely fsociety member would jump in to ask you to join the revolution before they were promptly chased off by an E Corp employee.

We Joined The E Coin Revolution: Mr. Robot At NYCC

Once inside, we posed for an official picture for the first of many glasses of champagne and marveled at the detail that went into designing this space. Everything was decked out in blue and white, all branded with the E Corp logo. There was an open bar, hors d'oeuvres, and a buffet available for anyone interested. Which we absolutely were. The food was honestly delicious and the bar service was surprisingly swift despite the crowd.

That being said, we were distracted by an opportunity.

A woman in a hoodie approached us and asked us if we were looking for Alex. We were expecting something like this to happen, of course, so we played along. We were handed a square card with the infamous fsociety mask and told to keep it hidden. When we were further away from event security, we turned it over and started our mission.

We are about to reveal the sins of evil corp. blend in. be ready. before 8:15 find alex with the white rose on the 2nd floor. password: "are you seeing this, too?"

We ran off immediately to find this Alex person, who was seemingly nothing more than a woman at coat check. When we were uttered the password to her, she handed us an E Corp tote bag and told to keep the contents inside until the time is right. Again, we peeked when we were alone. It was our very own fsociety mask, with another clue.

Keep me hidden. find the bathrooms on the 3rd fl for further instructions. say "hello, friend" to frankie.

On our way to the third floor, we were stopped by security who was interested in checking the contents of our bags. Freddy was gone the second security stopped us and I ran off to hand him my bag for safe keeping.

Once we found Frankie, we were told to enter one of the bathroom stalls to complete our mission. We had to put on one of the costumes (suit jacket, top hat, white gloves, and cane along with our mask) and take a picture to prove our allegiance to fsociety; to say that we are finally free. We did so without hesitation, happy to do the advertising for him.

We Joined The E Coin Revolution: Mr. Robot At NYCC

Everything calmed down after that and we were able to enjoy another round of food as we sat down and listened to the live band that was performing while we waited for Phillip Price (Michael Cristofer) to make his case. We were given one last assignment while we waited. We were told to locate some guy named Charles near the rows of champagne and he sent us to a hooded figure called Jessie, who gave us these giant pins that read REMEMBER FIVE/NINE.

We Joined The E Coin Revolution: Mr. Robot At NYCC

The speeches made were 100% in character and the actors remained in character even when the focus wasn't on them. As they were introducing their latest product, they experienced some technical difficulties in the form of power outages (which had been happening steadily on the show in season two) and strange static amidst their video. In a matter of moment, it was discovered that fsociety was behind this act and banners dropped from every single railing, declaring statements of freedom and anti-capitalism. The hung "E" was lowered and taken away by hooded figures and messages appeared on the wall thanks to black lights.

We Joined The E Coin Revolution: Mr. Robot At NYCC

It was so much fun to see the band and security pull out their fsociety masks and amazing to see the crowd follow their lead. We chanted and screamed for the revolution before receiving the ultimate prize: the first episode of season three.

I won't go into any details here because I am not one to spoil, but this season is going to be one hell of a doozy. There are new heavy hitters thrown into the mix and unanswered questions already. If you want to know what I'm talking about, make sure to check out the season 3 premiere of Mr. Robot on October 11, 2017 on USA Network.

If you do know what I'm talking about, REMEMBER FIVE/NINE. We are finally free.

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