PAX East Show Floor Tour: Blizzard Entertainment (VIDEO)

Our own Madeline Ricchiuto attended PAX East for Bleeding Cool, and she was all over the show floor taking videos of the various booths. Did you wish you could have attended but were stuck at home? Then Madeline is here to show you the major booths from the comfort of your own home.

Time to jump over to Blizzard Entertainment to see what they brought to PAX East this year.

Blizzard Entertainment

From Madeline:

Blizzard brought their merch, and everyone loved it. Blizzard is always a crowd pleaser, so having a separate merch booth made sense. The line was long all day every day, because whether its WoW, Overwatch, or Hearthstone, pretty much every gamer has something to enjoy. The World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth cinematic was playing on a loop during the whole convention and was probably the first thing you saw as you entered the convention. And for the WoW fans, Battle for Azeroth was a playable demo at the show.

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