Turns Out, True Blood Wasn't Doing an Homage to Terminator 2 And Bill And Sookie Won't Be What We Think They'll Be

By Abigail Raney

Nathan Parsons, Deboarh Ann Woll, Nelsan Ellis

Despite what the internet – and panel moderator Tim Stack – thought (and despite having Robert Patrick on the cast), apparently that hallway scene on last week's episode was not meant to be a send up to a similar scene in Terminator 2. At least, not by design of showrunner Brian Buckner. You can review both scenes and decide for yourself if it seems intentional:


A few other notable bits from the True Blood panel:

– We haven't seen the last of Rutina Wesley. Tara will appear again somewhere in the five episodes left to air – though whether in memory, as a ghost, or just in her mother's V-fueled hallucinations is anybody's guess. (Well, there will probably be some V-fueled hallucinations. It is True Blood.)

Krisin Bauer van Straten, Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell

Carrie Preston says Arlene has a scene coming up that required Preston to do something she's "never had to do ever on camera before". Which may not seem like much for Arlene, until you remember she took part in a pagan orgy in season two…

– Alcide might not have died if the show had gone on. Apparently, once the writers knew they were in the last season, they had to start putting things in motion to get the show where it needed to be for a satisfying conclusion. That included a definite ending to Alcide and Sookie's relationship, to clear the way for… whatever it is that's going to happen between Bill and Sookie. Death seems a bit extreme, but maybe now Alcide and Debbie are reunited in werewolf heaven.

– The teaser for the last five episodes sees Bill telling Eric about how Sookie is drawn to their darkness, but he wants "to set her free." Which poses the question, how free can Sookie actually get? And how free does she want to be?

Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin

– In the end, says Buckner, they wanted to end with the characters "in places where [the audience] were going be okay with not getting them anymore." But he also cautions that the resolution to the big question of Bill and Sookie is "not going to be exactly what you think it is." Well, I haven't dared to try to predict this show since Sookie yelled at Eric for eating her fairy godmother, so Buckner's probably right about that.

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