These Marvel Comics Suits from FUN are the Perfect Office Attire

Sometimes I need to get dressy for my regular job. Maybe I have to give a presentation, or I need to go to a networking event. Usually these types of events fill me with dread, since I own almost no business attire. Seriously, I'm a writer. I sit in an office in a basement and type all day. Sometimes I venture out to eat! Needless to say, I wear mostly leggings and a sweatshirt. But then FUN came into my life.

Yes, we all need a business outfit, or at least something dressy just in case. But dressy doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your individuality in the name of looking nice.

FUN hooked me up with a blazer, pencil skirt, and pants! I wore the skirt and blazer for work today, and let me tell you: the items fit like a glove. Even the pants fit perfect — plus, the items are all lined with panels from silver/bronze age Marvel comics. How cool is that!? I looked professional while showing off my nerd pride. The clothing is also extremely well made. These are absolutely worth buying. Find the Marvel set here and the DC set here!

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