Nerd Food: Peach Hello Kitty Lollipop from Japan Crate

I'm still getting through my Japan Crate from March 2018, which is a testament to how much they send you every month. I already reviewed the Kagabo Hojicha Green Tea Latte and Pandaro Cookies, and today I'm enjoying an impossibly cute lollipop with everyone's favorite Japanese mascot: Hello Kitty!

This peach-flavored "gem" shaped lollipop was just the pick-me-up I needed today. It also has a special ingredient to be easier on your teeth (my dentist would likely not buy it, though). The peach flavor is extremely pleasant and understated. This is a fantastic treat, and I'm sad I only got one in the box. Perhaps I'll have to find it on my own later. Blippo has it listed on their site, but it's out of stock right now. I'll have to keep a look out!

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