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Hello Kitty Island Adventure
Sunblink dropped a new update for Hello Kitty Island Adventure this week, as they bring about the Cabins & Castles update for mobile players This is basically a springtime upgrade that adds more content to the game, along with a couple of events, some upgrades to places, new content for the Merry Meador, and more[...]
Hello Kitty Island Adventure Receives Merry Meadow Update
Mobile developer and publisher Sunblink released a new massive update for Hello Kitty Island Adventure, as Merry Meadow is now live Technically called Update 1.5, players will be able to try out brand new characters in an all-new springtime area, where you can create your own custom garden however you see fit to go along[...]
Puzzle & Dragons Is Running Yet Another Hello Kitty Event
GungHo Online Entertainment has another Hello Kitty event running right now in Puzzle & Dragons It's almost become a month's occurrence at this point for them to work with Sanrio for something, as we could have sworn we'd written about this half a dozen times already The event is called Sanrio Characters We're not kidding;[...]
Identity V Launches New Sanrio Crossover Event Now
We have the details for you below as the update for the game is now live. Credit: NetEase Games Identity V x Sanrio It's always a good idea to have a picnic while having fun with Sanrio characters, so let's help Hello Kitty prepare a picnic party! After the maintenance on December 28, 2023, Identity V x Sanrio[...]
Hello Kitty Island Adventure Gets New Patch For The New Year
Mobile game developer and publisher Sunblink has released a new update for Hello Kitty Island Adventure with new content for the next few weeks The patch brings a new event that will run all the way until January 10, as it will be up to you to gather special lights from past celebrations and bring[...]
Hello Kitty Island Adventure Adds New Holiday Update
Meanwhile, family's in town! My Melody's Mama, Papa, Grandma, and Grandpa are visiting for the holidays, and they want to see you too! The Mystery Continues – The saga of the Island Mystery continues as Hello Kitty and Friends discover the legendary Heart of Friendship Island Will you be able to heal the magic within? Multiplayer Friendship[...]
Hello Kitty & Friends Happiness Parade
Dabadu Games and Rogue Games announced this morning that they will be bringing Hello Kitty and Friends Happiness Parade to the Nintendo Switch The game has already been out on mobile for a hot minute, bringing the iconic characters to a mobile game with various challenges that will keep you busy with some boppin' tunes[...]
Hello Kitty Island Adventure
Mobile developer and publisher Sunblink has revealed new details for the Halloween update coming to Hello Kitty Island Adventure Starting today, players will be able to get the new 1.2 Update for the game, which will incorporate a lot of Halloween-themed items, settings, and events for you to take part in over the next four[...]
Hello Kitty Island Adventure Releases New Update
Sunblink and Sanrio have released a new update for Hello Kitty Island Adventure this past week, giving the game a few new options Officially being called Update 1.1, the game now has a new storyline going for it, as well as new items, a new event, new characters to meet, and more The update is[...]
Hello Kitty Island Adventure
Mobile game developer and publisher Sunblink revealed they are working with Sanrio to release Hello Kitty Island Adventure for Apple Arcade The game is basically just some light-hearted fun as they have created a narrative-driven life simulation game about "embracing friendship and positivity." You get to design your own character to live in this universe[...]
New Hello Kitty and Friends Mushroom Collection Arrives at BoxLunch
The global lifestyle brand Sanrio is back with a delightful new Hello Kitty collection from BoxLunch Take to the forest and sit upon this magical mushroom collection that features some vintage-inspired mushroom iconography New character art is also showcased, featuring Hello Kitty and Friends on pins, mugs, sweaters, hoodies, backpacks, hats, shirts, and much more[...]
Hello Kitty: Day At The Park Tabletop Game Announced
Tabletop company Maestro Media announced this week they have formed a new partnership with Sanrio to create the board game Hello Kitty: Day At The Park Not a lot of information was released about the game itself, primarily the reveal gave us the name of the game as it will be focused on the characters[...]
Hello Kitty & Friends Happiness Parade Is Coming To Nintendo Switch
Rogue Games and Dabadu Games revealed their latest title on the way as they'll be releasing Hello Kitty & Friends Happiness Parade for Nintendo Switch The game has already been out on mobile devices for a while now, as well as on Netflix, as you'll be taking some of the iconic characters from Sanrio and[...]
Hello Kitty Returns To Puzzle & Dragons For New Collab
GungHo Online Entertainment announced a new partnership with Sanrio to bring Hello Kitty back to Puzzle & Dragons for a new event The two properties will collaborate for another special event starting today and running all the way through November 27th, as you'll snag Hello Kitty and her friends for a limited-time adventure You'll have[...]
The Op Announces Three New Spanish/English Bingo Games
The three franchises that they have secured for this series are Disney's Coco, Hello Kitty, and Harry Potter, each of them bringing their own style and rules to their versions of the game The games have been made easy to learn for young children to adults, all of which have been formatted in both Spanish[...]
The Rest of the Anime Titles Crunchyroll Announced at Anime Expo
To make matters worse, other kingdoms conspire to overthrow the undead king! Will his vision for a utopia come to fruition? Heavy lies the crown, even for the guy with unlimited power. Hello Kitty x Fruits Basket collab – BoxLunch announced the launch of this super cute collab, with the first piece available for purchase at[...]
Hello Kitty Is Being Added To Roblox With A New Cafe
Sanrio has announced another new partnership today as they're teaming up with Roblox to bring Hello Kitty and friends to the game The virtual "My Hello Kitty Cafe" is designed to bring together thousands of players through one special shared experience.  The Cafe will come with several options for you and your friends to "imagine,[...]
Hello Kitty & Friends Just Got Their Own Version Of Monopoly
Fans of Hello Kitty & Friends will have a brand new board game to add to their collection as The Op has released a new version of Monopoly Partnering with the parent company Sanrio, the company has released the version you see below, officially being called Monopoly: Hello Kitty and Friends The board looks so[...]
Razer & Sanrio Launch Exclusive Hello Kitty & Friends Collection
Razer has partnered up with Sanrio to give Hello Kitty fans some amazing gaming gear with a brand new capsule collection, available right now The two have come together for a set of products that basically are going to be the end-all-be-all for gamers who love everything from this franchise Included in all of this[...]
Hello Kitty Makes Their Way Back To Puzzle & Dragons
GungHo Online Entertainment announced today that Hello Kitty has made their return to their mobile game Puzzle & Dragons The latest collaboration event is now live in the game as soon as you update it and will be running all the way through December 12th, 2021 During this time you will be able to access[...]
Hello Kitty Is Joining Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania
SEGA has revealed the latest character joining Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania as Hello Kitty is making their way into a ball this time The iconic character almost looks like they're suited to being in the ball, as you can see here, rolling around on all of these puzzling tracks Aside from bringing their signature[...]
Hello Kitty Competes In The Summer Games In Funko Pop! Blitz
Funko Pop! Blitz has a brand new event coming up this week as Hello Kitty will be making an appearance during the Summer Games You knew with the Olympics being held in Japan, at some point in time, Hello Kitty would end up making an appearance And while no one can use the trademark, let's[...]
Sanrio Is Coming To Visit Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
If you're not familiar with the name, they are basically a lifestyle brand best known for several different pop icons such as Hello Kitty, Aggretsuko, and Keroppi This means yes, you're finally getting Hello Kitty in a Nintendo property that you can interact with Well, to a degree, as for the next two months you'll[...]
Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures Trailer | Supercute Adventures (Image: Sanrio)
Hello Kitty is a little closer to becoming a reality — or at least a hybrid of animation and live-action, so close enough! According to Deadline, the live-action and animated combination of Hello Kitty's theatrical debut is getting closer, after nabbing directors for the iconic Sanrio brand that helped make Hello Kitty a household name[...]
Aggretsuko: Netflix Announces Season 4
The 3rd season of the series ended on a disappointingly conservative note where  Retsuko gives up minor pop stardom to go back to a life of drudgery in the office, not to mention barely addressing the horrible trauma she suffered from a psychotic stalker. Retsy Claus has a present for all you metalheads out there! @aggretsuko[...]
Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures Trailer | Supercute Adventures (Image: Sanrio)
On Wednesday, the home of Hello Kitty announced its first YouTube animated series developed for a U.S audience, Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures Produced by Split Studio and set to premiere live on the "Hello Kitty and Friends" YouTube channel on Monday, October 26 at 1:00 PM PT, the animated series chronicles the adventures[...]
Funko SDCC 2020 Reveals: Fortnite, Pokemon, and Sonic the Hedgehog
Last but not least is Hello Kitty who will get getting another Kaiju Pop but exclusive to SDCC 2020 We already covered her recent reveal of the Hello Kitty x Kaiju Pop line which you can view here. Unclear about Hello Kitty, but Dragon Ball and My Hero Academia Funko Pops are very popular These will[...]
Hello Kitty Gets a Kaiju Makeover With Upcoming Funko Pops
Hello Kitty is back and is ferocious as ever Funko has announced a new wave of Sanrio Hello Kitty Pops with a Kaiju twist Each kitty is sporting a new specialized monster design There are 7 Pops in total with 2 of them being retailer exclusives For the 5 common releases we will be getting[...]
Sanrio Hello Kitty x Team USA figures from Kidro
Today, it looks likes we are getting some crossover figures featuring Sanrio's Hello Kitty and the Olympics Team USA There are 12 mini figures in total spanning all over the sporting events that are usually as the Olympics Hello Kitty will be featured in some iconic sports from around the Olympics such as; Boxing, Fencing,[...]
Hello Kitty and Gundam Crossover is Here from Bandai
This year we are starting off pretty strong as Hello Kitty and Gundam come together with two new figures.  Both Gundam Chogokin RX-78-2 and Gundam Chogokin Char's Zaku II are both getting special crossover version with Hello Kitty Both figures are roughly 4 inches tall and are made up of plastic and die cast[...]