Dazzler: X-Song #1 cover by Elizabeth Torque and Ian Herring

Dazzler: X-Song #1 Review: Freedom in Music

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Dazzler has returned to her music career, hosting concerts for mutants, Inhumans, and metahumans. Things were going well, but there is now an anti-Inhuman hate group of mutants now attempting to bar Inhumans from entering Dazzler's concerts. She wants to be done with the superhero scene, but she can't sit by and allow […]

Captain Marvel #128 cover by Phil Noto

Captain Marvel #128 Review: The One Where Thanos is a Hero

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Captain Marvel and Zeta Flight are at the mercy of Lord Starkill and his Ravagers. Unfortunately for Starkill, he decided to make a deal to give "Corporal Marvel" over to "Thanos the Just" on Titan. Shortly, the Ravagers and Zeta Flight turn on their leaders, and it's Starkill and Captain Marvel being taken […]

Captain Marvel #127 cover by Phil Noto

Captain Marvel #127 Review: It Has a Carrot Groot in it

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Widower (inverted Black Widow), Captain Marvel, and her Zeta Flight (Alpha Flight) crew learn that they need to steal their loot from Lord Starkill (Star-Lord) and his Ravagers (Guardians of the Galaxy). This somehow will lead Carol to saving Bean, but this topsy-turvy galaxy may have some more surprises for Captain Marvel. […]

Marvel Legacy Captain Marvel #125 Review: Alpha Flight Takes Off Once More

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] With the fall of Alpha Flight, Captain Marvel and her crew must decide what to do next. Earth still needs defending, but no one is willing to pay for another full-fledged space station at the moment. Meanwhile, a shape-shifter is seen entering Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. Is it that shape-shifter? Bean visits Carol once again, […]

Cover to America #8 by Joe Quinones

Marvel Legacy America #8 Review: Question Authority

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] America has returned home after learning her family history from her grandmother, Madrimar. Unfortunately, there have been some changes at Sotomayor University, among which is a new professor in charge of relations between the faculty and students. Things get a bit weirder from there and not in the good way, at least, not […]

America Chavez

Why Marvel Needs To Make America Chavez A Goddess

I touched on this with my America #7 review, and, even then, I saw this spinning off into a full article. So here we go. To start, I just want to point out that America Chavez's backstory is already very mythological in nature. It tells an ethereal tale of near-perfect worlds formed by goddesses in […]

Marvel Legends A-Force Box Set Looks So Good You Won't Want To Open It

We now have packaged pictures of the upcoming A-Force Marvel Legends set from Hasbro, courtesy of some eBay auctions that surfaced last night from overseas The set features six new figures, including Lady Loki, Elsa Bloodstone, She-Hulk, Lady Sif, Monica Rambeau, and Singularity The packaging on this one is a beautiful window box that opes[...]

Guardians, Netflix, Spider-Man, Deaths Head! Hasbro Marvel Legends New York Toy Fair

Kurt Russell Ego, Gamora, Nebula, Mantis, Human Torch, the A-Force Toys R Us exclusive boxset, it is all here for your viewing pleasure below:Guardians of the Galaxy[gallery ids="613099,613091,613089,613088,613087,613086,613085,613090,613084"]Netflix[gallery columns="2" ids="613097,613096,613095,613098"]Spider-Man: Homecoming[gallery columns="2" ids="613094,613093,613092,613081,613080,613079"]X-Men Dark Phoenix Exclusive[gallery columns="2" ids="613077,613076"]Jane Foster Thor and Human Torch[gallery columns="2" ids="613082,613078"]A-Force Toys R Us Exclusive Box Set[...]

A-Force Brings Festive Cheer To Avengers Academy

By Joe Glass, Bleeding Cool's Resident Avengers Academy JunkieAvengers Academy, the insanely addictive iOS and Android Marvel game which recasts the Marvel Universe characters as teenagers/college students, has started it's latest event (it has after all been a whole seven days since the last one).This time focusing on a general winter and festive theme, it[...]

13 New Marvel Cosplay Variants

Though the press release says 15 different titles and A-Force is down there twice.. so there are a couple not seen yet The covers will run through September and October.“The response to our first set of Cosplay Variants was so incredible, we simply had to do a second wave," says Axel Alonso, Marvel Editor-in-Chief “And,[...]

A Comic Show – B-Boy Bromance & Paper Girl Power!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSc54kDRq1gAaron Haaland writes,Hey Fandom! It's the first Wednesday of the new year, and we can officially sell the Marvel books meant for next week early! It's a strong showing for female lead titles this week with Bitch Planet, Paper Girls, and an A-Force set in the main Marvel universe[...]

Justice League 3001 – A League Of Their Own (SPOILERS)

Then we have a female Flash, Fire and Ice, Supergirl and a new Batman - a young woman in a mega super Bat suit.And suddenly you are left with the realisation that Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis planned an all-female superhero team by stealth, replacing one man with a woman, issue by issue.They don't make[...]

A-Force #1 Slips 3 Weeks Into 2016

Instead the debut issue of the All-New All-Different Marvel female focused Avengers superteam title A-Force has slipped into the New Year, to the 6th January.It is unknown if this is due to lateness of the book itself or whether there are plot points that rely on the publication of the final issue of Secret Wars,[...]

Still More Secrets From The Battleworld

Imagine how he'll feel when he discovers there are portals in Arcadia in A-Force to other worlds.In the world of Dystopia, Talbot and Ross took a Fantastic Four-style trip into space and were transformed as a result - in a time when there were still stars.. so the Thing that fights the Maestro in Future Imperfect isn't[...]

A-Force Goes Ongoing After Secret Wars

We mentioned that A-Force may be a title that survived the Secret Wars after studying the Amazon listings And so, as announced in Glamour magazine, it has come to pass.Written by G Willow Wilson, it is a female-starring Avengers title, with a large cast to rely on And it seems that new character created for the Secret[...]

We Stand On Guard Tops This Weeks Advance Reorders

Where supply and demand and most accurately reflected, where you can see which books are hot, where new orders are coming in and how retailers are reacting to new, unanticipated desire!And the biggest increase of advance reorders for a comic yet to be published is the debut of Bryan K Vaughan and Steve Skroce's new[...]