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Blade Runner: Sean Young Talks Ridley Scott Falling Out, '2049' Cameo
He's got great skills." For more on how Young talks about her perceived "difficult" reputation, how she was almost in Batman (1989), Ace Ventura (1994), David Letterman, James Woods, Harvey Weinstein, Carl Reiner, and Oliver Stone, you can check it out on the Daily Beast. With over 40 years in Hollywood, Sean Young's amassed a[...]
Leslie Sends Out a Bat Signal - Parks and Recreation
Other titles leaving Netflix include the Underworld films, Cult of Chucky (before Halloween!), The Neverending Story, Sleepless in Seattle, Spaceballs, Ace Ventura, The Silence of the Lambs, and so many more Lots more films than shows this go around, but none of the absences will be felt like Parks and Rec I guess it might[...]
Ace Ventura Pet Detective Comes to Life with Asmus Toys
During this morning's Sideshow Con live stream event, fans saw an Ace Ventura figure Not too long after the reveal, Asmus Toys put up pre-orders for there newest pet-friendly character Right out of the film, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jim Carrey returns to the role of this figure He is packed with detail, standing highly[...]
Ace Ventura Gets Animated in New Upcoming Figure from NECA
NECA has finally shown off the next animated figure for their Toony Classics line, Ace Ventura Pet Detective This will be the yet another non-horror animated figure to come out of NECA in their newest line called Toony Classic We originally saw glimpses of this figure during New York Toy Fair 2020 This Ace Ventura[...]
Ace Ventura is Ready To Go In Coach with NECA
Ace Ventura is a classic comedy that will also stay on my list of favorite films. Jim Carrey really puts his all into that character and he is just so damn funny This time NECA is bringing him alive their newest clothed figure Ace Ventura is ready to go undercover at Shady Acres to find the truth[...]