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Wolverine Annual #1 [Preview]
It's no longer Summer, but Marvel's Summer annual event continues as Acts of Evil comes to Wolverine Annual #1 next week, by Jody Houser, Geraldo Borges, Marcio Menyz, Miroslav Mrva, and Cory Petit.We've got a preview below. This homage to Acts of Vengeance pits Wolverine against Morgan le Fay. But first, a team-up with Spiderman! Wolverine needs to[...]
Moon Knight Annual #1 [Preview]
Moon Knight Annual #1 hits stores this week from Marvel Comics, by Cullen Bunn and Ibrahim Moustafa, continuing the Acts of Evil Summer annual event We've got a preview below. In which we find the titular Moon Knight in an unfamiliar world…   One that's ruled by Kang the Conqueror, finally living up to his namesake! Moon Knight aims[...]
Ghost Spider Annual #1
The Acts of Evil Summer Annual event pits Marvel's heroes against villains they don't normally face In Ghost Spider Annual #1, in stores Wednesday from Marvel Comics by Vita Ayala and Pere Perez, Spider-Gwen goes up against Arcade Here's a preview. The recap page sets the stage for those who haven't followed Gwen through the latest[...]
She-Hulk Annual #1
She-Hulk Annual #1 is in stores next week from the House of Ideas, part of the Acts of Evil Summer annual event, from the creative team of Alexandra Petri and Andy MacDonald, and we've got a preview of the issue below… As Jennifer Walters faces off against a villain outside her usual circle: Bullseye! But before all[...]
Deadpool Annual #1 [Preview]
It's not clear Deadpool will actually get paid for this. Is it possible to kill nightmares? We'll find out when Deadpool Annual #1 hits stores next Wednesday. DEADPOOL ANNUAL #1 JUN190945 (W) Dana Schwartz (A) Reilly Brown (CA) Aaron Kuder ACTS OF EVIL! Eight-year-old Peter Quincy is willing to pay seven dollars to the person who can kill his bad dreams,[...]
Punisher Annual #1: Acts of Evil... IN SPAAAAACE! [Preview]
It's time for The Punisher, the hero of law enforcement officers everywhere, to join the Acts of Evil in this week's Punisher Annual #1 And in a preview of that annual, we find J Jonah Jameson visiting the launch site of a corporate-sponsored space program, where he walks around like he owns the place And[...]
Details on Marvel's Final Acts of Evil Annuals
Acts of Evil, the Marvel Summer annual event rehashing the concept of the classic Acts of Vengeance crossover, is wrapping up this September with three previously-announced annuals: Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider, Wolverine, and Moon Knight Marvel sent out a press release today with the covers for all three issues, and simultaneously released longer descriptions of each[...]
Wolverine, Deadpool, More Join Acts of Evil at Marvel in August and September
Marvel has announced another round of annuals taking part in the Acts of Evil quasi-event this Summer Announced back in April, Acts of Evil will run through Marvel's Summer annuals like the good old-fashioned annual crossovers of yore, such as Evolutionary War or Atlantis Attacks, while simultaneously aping the concept of Acts of Vengeance, a[...]
Acts of Evil
Marvel has revealed exactly what Acts of Evil is, first teased last week on the Twitter accounts of various Marvel editors As was obvious from the name and the fact that it's written in the same font as Acts of Vengeance, Acts of Evil will put Marvel heroes against villains they haven't faced before, but[...]
Acts of Evil - Another Marvel Event Launching in July?
Marvel editor Chris Robinson, along with several other editors, posted the following teaser image on Twitter with no explanation: So what is Acts of Evil? Allow us to take a stab at it Acts of Vengeance was a 1989 Marvel crossover that ran through the company's entire line of titles, in which Loki convinced Marvel supervillains[...]