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Here's a look at the top six Rick cosplays from Rick and Morty Adult Swim Con (screen cap)
For Rick and Morty fans, Adult Swim Con weekend proved to be a "not too shabby" one, During the "How They Do It: 'Rick and Morty'" panel with series co-creator Dan Harmon and stars  Chris Parnell, Sarah Chalke, and Spencer Grammer, we had some intel shared on both the fifth and sixth seasons (as well as a[...]
Rick and Morty BTS: Spencer Grammer (Image: Adult Swim)
On the same day that she appeared at Adult Swim Con as part of a Rick and Morty panel to discuss the previous season and preview the fifth, Spencer Grammer (the voice of Summer Smith) and a friend were the victims of an attack while dining outside The Black Ant in NYC's East Village, when[...]
Rick and Morty panel (Image: Adult Swim)
Speaking of "Clone Beth," Harmon also teased that there would be some "choice 'Clone Beth' fireworks" in season six (yes, you read that right), which he says they're "almost done writing." As for the fifth season, things are looking good as Harmon says they are "finalizing the finale." But treat yourself to the promo images[...]
Adult Swim Con takes place this July (Image: Adult Swim)
When we first announced Adult Swim Con was coming a little less than a month ago, we discussed how it was part of a virtual convention schedule that also included this week's Comic-Con@Home, next month's WarnerMedia's DC Fandome, and this past weekend's Skybound Xpo Now that we find ourselves staring into the abyss of what[...]
Adult Swim Con takes place this July (Image: Adult Swim)
Now we can add Adult Swim's Adult Swim Con (we're guessing that they're taking the money they would've spent on a flashier title and spending it on the event programming) to that list Co-sponsored by Rick and Morty corporate best buddy Pringles and taking place online and for free (except for whatever obscene price you're paying[...]