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After The Fall - Frontrunner Edition Is Coming In Late March
Vertigo Games revealed that After The Fall – Frontrunner Edition will be coming to VR platforms in late March with new content This version is essentially the most complete copy of the game with all the updates, DLC, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes included in one single package On top of that, you're[...]
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Vertigo Games has released a new video showing off some of the new co-op gameplay you can experience in their VR game After The Fall Up until now, we were kind of curious how this aspect of the game would work out as it's occasionally difficult to even get two-player games going smoothly when they're[...]
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Vertigo Games revealed today that they will be releasing their co-op VR action title After The Fall sometime in the Summer of 2021 From the same team that did Arizona Sunshine, this game will throw you into the middle of an FPS as you and your friends will fight against a hostile, evolving post-apocalyptic Los[...]
The Weekly Static Interviews: Patrick Fischler of Happy! and Twin Peaks
He completed high school in Beverly Hills and moved to New York to study theatre at NYU. At NYU and Circle in the Square, Patrick worked in numerous productions, including the lead in Arthur Miller's "After the Fall" (his first acting milestone) He also met his future wife, fellow theatre student actress Lauren Bowles These two[...]