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Dead Reckoning, A Pirate Adventure Tabletop Game, On Kickstarter
Tabletop gaming company Alderac Entertainment Group has launched its newest upcoming board game, Dead Reckoning, onto Kickstarter! It met its funding goal in barely fifteen minutes' time and now, as of the time of this article's conception, has nearly six times as much funding as they initially asked for. The array of components in Dead Reckoning,[...]
The 2014 Origins Award Winners For Tabletop Gaming – With A Few Surprises
Andrew Jr., Michael Wich Best Role Playing Supplement Night's Watch – Green Ronin Publishing, designed by: Joseph Carriker, Lee Hammock, Brett Rebischke-Smith, Ian Ireland, Michelle Lyons, John Hay Fan Favorite: DC Adventures Universe – Green Ronin Publishing, designed by: Darren Bulmer, Seth Johnson, Steve Kenson, Jon Leitheusser, John Polojac, Aaron Sullivan Best Board Game Trains– Alderac Entertainment Group, designed by:[...]