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'Crawl': Watch the Trailer for This Summer's Meg-Like Creature Film

'Crawl': Watch the Trailer for This Summer's The Meg-Like Creature Film

New survival horror film Crawl is hitting theaters on July 12th, and the trailer debuted this afternoon. Featuring Barry Pepper and Kaya Scodelario against an army of gators in the middle of a hurricane in Florida, the film is directed by Alexandre Aja and produced by Sam Raimi and Craig Flores. Watch the trailer below: […]

Daniel Radcliffe Walks Deeper Into The Fire In The First Trailer For Horns

We got the teaser poster a couple days ago, now we get the trailer. Here is the first trailer for Horns, the new movie from director Alexandre Aja, starring Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple and Heather Graham based on the novel by Joe Hill. The movie is being released in the UK on Halloween. No US […]

Joe Hill's Horns Gets Teaser Poster And Release Date

The long anticipated adaptation of Joe Hill's novel Horns gets a release date and teaser trailer. The new movie starring Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple played the festival circuit last year, but now the Alexandre Aja directed film is on the schedule as well as a San Diego Comic Con panel coming up. In Horns, […]

Daniel Radcliffe To Star In Adaptation Of Joe Hill's Horns

The pilot episode of Locke & Key may be sleeping with the fishes, but at least we can look forward to another adaptation of Joe Hill's writing. As we reported last year, the film version of Hill's novel Horns is in the hands of horror director Alexandre Aja (Haute Tension, The Hills Have Eyes), and […]

Joe Hill's Horns Picks Up High Tension Director

In the final evaluation, I think Haute Tension and The Hills Have Eyes' Alexandre Aja is a fine director, somebody who has displayed a wide array of skills in just a handful of movies. Some of the films… maybe needed better scripts, but the execution, generally, showed aplomb and ambition. Even if that ambition, as […]

Alexandre Aja Bringing Scanners To TV

What the world needs now is a bad Scanners TV show like I need a hole for a head. A good Scanners TV show, though? Well, of course. Who doesn't love the world created in David Cronenberg's classic movie of psychic warfare? Or, perhaps more properly, love to hate it? According to Deadline, Dimension have […]

First Poster For Alexandre Aja's Cobra: The Space Pirate

Alexandre Aja is going to have over $100 million to play with for his big-screen adaptation of Cobra: The Space Pirate. The film will be based upon Buichi Terasawa's manga series, which most folk in my circle seem to know from it's TV toon incarnation. Aja's longtime collaborator Gregory Levasseur has co-written the script and, to […]

Piranha 3D Spoiler Pic

I'm going to put a rather spoilery picture from Alexandre Aja's upcoming Piranha 3D some way further down in this post, and also explain what's going on in it. I won't be spoiling the entire film, just one particularly amusing "kill" of… potentially a major character. At first, I didn't really know how to fill […]

Piranha 3D Pushed Off-Con, Programs "Adults Only Panel"

Over the weekend, the panel for Piranha 3D disappeared from the listings for Comic-Con. Why? Blood mainly, but also boobs. The Weinstein Company found that all panels at the Con had to be PG friendly, so that the flow of Consters in and out of the halls could be relatively unpoliced. Rather than promote this film […]

French Piranha Poster Has Got Jaws

I think Rich would call this a Swipe File, but I'm not too comfortable with that in case anybody misses the joke and thinks I missed the joke. This new French poster for Alexandre Aja's Piranha 3D pays a clear homage to the famous Jaws poster. It's definitely much better than the US marketing for […]