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Warface 1 Million Players
The developer, Allods Team dropped a few quick stats as well for the past month During that time, players completed 495,387 PvP matches, for a total playtime of over 83,000 days. Credit: MY.GAMES The two most popular modes on Switch are PvE missions (1,285,309 played) and co-op Special Operations (148,507 completed) Here's a quick quote from the[...]
Unhappy Skyforge Players Coined The Hashtag #Lieforge And It Is Great
Allods Team's Skyforge was not an F2P MMO that I enjoyed playing For one, you can literally make your character god tier by grinding away long enough, and that would be fine, if there was someway to balance it There isn't The immediate class change feature is also nice, but apparently players have been using it[...]
Sci-Fi MMO Skyforge On PS4
Developer Allods Team has announced that their Sci-Fi MMO Skyforge will release on the PS4 sometime this year The announcement trailer contains several sections of the game in a case for console players to make the jump to MMOs Skyforge is a free-to-play MMORPG which combines some more typically fantasy elements into its sci-fi setting[...]