"Warface" Reached One Million Players On Nintendo Switch In A Month

Chalk it up to a combination of the world's current status and people being interested in the game, as the game Warface scored a quick record for itself. MY.GAMES announced this week that the title now has one million players on the Nintendo Switch version, and it scored that number in under a month. That's the kind of record that only Nintendo and a few AAA publishers can claim on the console. The developer, Allods Team dropped a few quick stats as well for the past month. During that time, players completed 495,387 PvP matches, for a total playtime of over 83,000 days.

Warface 1 Million Players
Credit: MY.GAMES

The two most popular modes on Switch are PvE missions (1,285,309 played) and co-op Special Operations (148,507 completed). Here's a quick quote from the devs about the success.

"The key strategy with the Nintendo Switch version is to keep things fresh, and that means constant updates," says Ivan Pabyarzhin, Warface Franchise Lead. "We are already hard at work on the next big console update that will simultaneously launch on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 this summer."

The real challenge from his is whether or not the company can maintain that audience. This version of the game is the complete version with all the DLC and bonus content added, so it had the benefit of including everything from the ground up. We'll see if the devs add anything new to keep this newfound audience interested over time.

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