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Scottish Police Scold Neil Gaiman Over Public Marital Spat

Scottish Police Scold Neil Gaiman Over Public Marital Spat

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer's embarrassing public spat has gotten the Scottish police involved Apparently, the police believe Gaiman violated international travel guidelines by flying home to Skye, Scotland from New Zealand, which kicked off the public back-and-forth Gaiman described his journey on his blog last Thursday, writing: I was in New Zealand with them until[...]

Talking to Amanda Palmer From the Set of Syfy's Happy Season Two

Musician, author, and performance artist Amanda Palmer has a new album coming out, There Will Be No Intermission There's a new single too, Drowning In Sound, which uses crowd-sourced comments from her blog Here it is... a new solo piano tour, with dates for the USA and Canada[...]

Want a Holiday Card From Neil Gaiman And Amanda Palmer This Year?

Have you always wished you could be on the holiday card list of celebrity weirdo power couple Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, but didn't think you were famous or cool enough to earn the honor? Well, you're in luck today, because the couple is sending out their first holiday card, and it will only cost[...]

A Friday Evening With Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer Is Packed With Special Guests – And Are These Events Going To Be a New York Thing Now?

Friday’s performance acquired its own unique tone when Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer introduced several musical guests over the course of a two act performance  nearly three hours in length, and also made the announcement that they’ve decided to move to New York from Boston.Interestingly, long before they made this announcement, there was already an[...]

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer Announce They're Moving To New York City

In an "Evening with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer" event at Town Hall in New York City Friday night, Palmer started to let slip that they had an "exciting secret" and then the couple had a moment of thought before agreeing to tell the audience what was on their mind Palmer explained that they had just purchased[...]

When Neil Gaiman Explained The Daily Mail To Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer Vs The Daily Mail From an interview with BBC Newsnight with Amanda Palmer. My husband is British and he's, actually, he's done a very good job at educating me about the varieties of British press and how the British press differs in its approach in a lot of ways from the American press. I wish[...]

Neil Gaiman Sings Fireball XL5

[youtube][/youtube]At an Amanda Palmer New Year's concert, Neil Gaiman sang the theme tune to Gerry Anderson's Fireball XL5.When he mentioned this on Twitter, I wondered if they had a copy of the Alan Moore Black Dossier vinyl record which used it as a base[...]

$2500 For A Hug From Neil Gaiman And Amanda Palmer. Possibly A Naked One.

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are launching a West Coast tour of An Evening With Neil Gaiman And Amanda Palmer, through Kickstarter A dollar will get you a digital download of the performance which is possibly one of the better value Kickstarter projects I've come across.There are other items of greater value of course, culminating[...]

Why Neil Gaiman Should Never Do QVC

This video teaser for the Evelyn Evelyn twin volume graphic novel for Dark Horse by Amanda Palmer, Jason Webley and Cynthia Von Buhler, co-stars Amanda's husband Neil Gaiman Who, while a wonderful and renowned fantasy author, orator and social networker, demonstrates why he should never actually be brought on to sell something in a convincing[...]

A Song About Doctor Who From Amanda Palmer And Reggie Watts

Here's a sample.[youtube][/youtube]And with all of the meaningless bullshit to fit in no wonder there wasn't any space for Amanda Palmer and Reggie Watts or a song about the Doctor.Unfortunately, this outtake clip is not embeddable, not like the one full of the boring people, so you'll have to go to Buzzfeed to enjoy it.(Yes,[...]

Neil Gaiman And Amanda Palmer's Wedding In TwitPics

A series of tweets:Amanda Palmer: hey guess what we did last night (and this time it's legal)Neil Gaiman: I am the happiest and luckiest man in the world Thank you to @ayeletw and her family for giving us their parlour, their hospitality & love.Ayelet Waldman: For those curious about the mystery event that happened in[...]

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Tuesday Runaround – How Neil Gaiman Helped Kevin Smith Get Laid

HateWatch: Dwight MacPherson on the Graphic Novel/Film Pitch cource..and hate. Sure, there are some "big-name" freelancers who see a considerable amount of income from comic sales, but the majority of us haven't seen one thin dime from the books we create after the exorbitant printing fees, "use of publisher's logo fees," office fees, and yada […]

VIDEO: Neil Gaiman's Statuesque In Full

Neil Gaiman wrote and directed Statuesque, a short silent movie for Sky TV starring Bill Nighy and Amanda Palmer as part of their Twelve Films Of Christmas season.Except the budget overran so they had to cut it down to eleven Statuesque survived And here it is, shoved up on YouTube (it's okay, Neil blogged about[...]