The Occupy Comics Collection Arrived Today – With a Bonus Comic By Amanda Palmer And David Mack

Occupy Comics, from Black Mask Studios, with its host of contributing artists and writers capturing some of the ways in which comics can protest inequalities in society, finally arrived in trade collection this week, complete with Alan Moore's long essay "Buster Brown at the Barricades", edited, in fact, by me: Hannah Means-Shannon.

But even I was surprised to find that the volume included bonus content in the form of a new comic by Amanda Palmer and David Mack (who also did the cover for the volume and currently has a Kickstarter running for his Muse: Life Drawings) and we can provide a preview of that Palmer and Mack comic here for you:

OccupyComics-collectedbook-coverA_600px  OccupyComics_Palmer-Mack_pg0_600pxOccupyComics_Palmer-Mack_pg1_600pxOccupyComics_Palmer-Mack_pg2_600px

The complete credits for creators on the volume include:

1. "General Strike"
Molly Crabapple

4. "Occupy Milano (allievi che cantano)"
Guy Denning

6. "Occupy Wall Street (piece of me)"
Guy Denning

7. Foreword
Aaron Colter, December 2013

8. Mike Allred

9. Thank You

13. Introduction, from "Occupy Comics #1 Kickstarter Edition"
Matt Pizzolo, May 2012

14. "Citizen Journalist"
Ales Kot – writer
Tyler Crook – artist
Jeromy Cox – colorist

15. "Can You See The New World Through The Teargas"
Molly Crabapple

16. "Homestead"
Joshua Hale Fialkov – writer
Joseph Infurnari – artist

26. "Occupy Wall Street (the revolution will not be televised)"
Guy Denning

27. "That Which Is Most Needed"
J.M. DeMatteis – writer
Mike Cavallaro – artist

33. Charlie Adlard

34. Portraits of Occupy Protesters
Molly Crabapple

36. "Single Family Home"
Matthew Rosenberg – writer
Patrick Kindlon – writer
Joe Ruff – artist
Adam Geen – colorist

39. "Exploitation: Our Noble Tradition"
Douglas Rushkoff – writer
Dean Haspiel – artist

40. David Lloyd

42. "Light"
Matt Miner – writer
Sean Von Gorman – artist

49. Riley Rossmo

50. "Occupy"
Mark L. Miller

53. "Detective Warlock, Warlock Detective"
Zane Grant – writer
Brea Grant – writer
Jonathan Spies – artist
Adam Fletcher – letterer

57. Matt Bors

64. "The One Percent Solution"
Mark Sable – writer
Megan Hutchison – artist
Thomas Mauer – letterer

68. "A History of Nonviolence"
Caleb Monroe – writer
Theo Ellsworth – artist

73. "Police Brutality"
Molly Crabapple

74. Amanda Palmer & David Mack

84. Anna Muckcracker Wieszczyk

85. "New Thumbs"
Si Spurrier – writer
Smudge – artist
Frank Barbiere – letterer

89. Jerem Morrow

90. Salgood Sam

92. David Mack

94. "We Are All In This Together"
Molly Crabapple

95. "Buster Brown At The Barricades"
Alan Moore

118. Amancay Nahuelpan-Bustamante

119. "The Green"
Patrick Meaney – writer
Eric Zawadzki – artist

123. "Follow The Cards"
Swifty Lang – writer
Frank Reynoso – artist

127. "Occupy Shadows"
Ronald Wimberly

128. "Obey"
Kevin Colden

129. "How To Be Happy"
Shannon Wheeler

132. "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose"
Guy Denning

134. Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz

135. Zoetica

136. Salgood Sam

138. "Care For All"
Molly Crabapple

139. "Pay Attention! Be Astonished! Act!"
Bill Ayers – writer
Ryan Alexander-Tanner – artist

141. Eric Drooker

142. "Occupy Wall Street (bologna's enthusiasm)"
Guy Denning

144. "Occupy Wall Street (the lost ideal)"
Guy Denning

145. "Casino Nation"
Joshua Dysart – writer
Kelly Bruce – writer
Allen Gladfelter – artist

153. Art Spiegelman

154. "Clever"
Ben Templesmith

156. "Channel 1%"
Matt Pizzolo – writer
Ayhan Hayrula – artist

159. "Rebuild Renew Remember"
Molly Crabapple

160. "Occupy Wall Street (student photography project)"
Guy Denning

Matt Pizzolo, February 2014

Inside Cover by Salgood Sam

Cover by David Mack


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