D.B. Woodside

Lucifer's D.B. Woodside Looks At The Other Fallen Angel

D.B. Woodside takes a look back at his character, Amenadiel's, journey in season two and how he lost his powers. Was it because of his sins, his releasing a soul form hell, because of his mother or was he just no longer worthy of being an angel? The scene where it's revealed that his wings […]

Will We Learn The Secret Of Detective Decker When Charlotte Does?

She can't be persuaded by his powers. She can hurt him where he's invulnerable to everyone else… the mystery behind Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) has been growing since the pilot and now Lucifer's mom is going to find out the truth… but will we? Amenadiel (D B Woodside) is now working at Charlotte's (Tricia […]