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Lucifer Season 5b Scene Finds Chloe Asking a Very Important Question

For a day meant for giving thanks (at least in the U.S.), it's only appropriate that Netflix offers Lucifans a little something to be thankful for: a brief-but-still-appreciated bit of footage from season 5b. From the looks of things, we're picking up the Lucifer action immediately after God (Dennis Haysbert) showed up to put an end to his kids' (Tom Ellis x2, Lesley-Ann Brandt, and DB Woodside) smackdown before things got worse (of course, using the word "immediately" is pretty ironic considering the fight took place when Time was on a "time out." Sensing something's not right (that's why she's a kick-ass detective), Chloe (Lauren German) asks possibly the most important question that needs answering sooner rather than later- as you're about to see.

Lucifer offered a brief peek at Season 5B (Image: screencap)
Lucifer offered a brief peek at Season 5B (Image: screencap)

Here's a look at the special "fan-cam" showing its appreciation for all things Chloe Decker- and remember to hang around for the mini-teaser at the end:

To be able to head back into production, Henderson, Ellis, and the rest of the cast, crew, and creative team have had to make sure that they were properly masked and shielded, maintaining constant proper social distancing, getting tested daily, and even reducing the number of people on set at any given time- all within a "bubble" production environment. Co-star Lesley-Ann Brandt offered some perspective on what a day's like when reposting an Instagram post from Ellis (more on that in a minute): "We worked last week in over 100 degrees. Doing stunts."

Lucifer Season 5 Trailer (Image: Netflix)
Lucifer Season 5 Trailer (Image: Netflix)

So with everything that the team's going through, Ellis took to Instagram not too long ago to post an important question: if a television show can be this concerned about the health, safety, and well-being of its people, why couldn't Donald Trump? Here's a look at what Ellis had to say:

Lucifer, bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell, resigns his throne and abandons his kingdom for the gorgeous, shimmering insanity of Los Angeles, where he gets his kicks helping the LAPD…and the savvy detective Chloe Decker in particular. In Part A of season 5, Lucifer's twin brother Michael secretly takes the devil's place on earth while he's back in Hell. Eventually, Lucifer must return and face the mess his brother made with his life. He'll also finally confront his feelings for Chloe, and answer a question fans have been asking since the very beginning: "will they or won't they"?

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