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'The Book Of Life' Is Getting A Sequel
The year is 2014 and a really good little animated movie called The Book of Life is released It does pretty good overall and is well liked by audiences and critics alike While it had one of the biggest opening weekends for an independent movie in the last decade no one talks about it much[...]
The First Trailer For Animated Movie 'The Breadwinner' Is Stunning
To anyone who thinks that animated movies are rollar coaster rides intended only for children should really check out the academy award nominated movies The Secret Of Kells and Song Of The Sea They are creating some beautiful movies intended for all ages and a trailer for their feature, The Breadwinner, has appeared online[...]
'Sing' Can't Hit The High Notes And Should Rest Instead
This year we got some truly powerhouse animated movies that deserve all the praise they are getting Finding Dory, Zootopia, Moana, and Kubo and the Two Strings were all fantastic Sing seemed keen to slide in at the end of the year to showcase the two things that audiences seem to love more than anything;[...]