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I suppose that might give her extra lift… what would you call that…? Forever Evil: Arkham War gives us our answer No, it's not over yet But with The Movement heading to cancellation in April, where else in the New 52 will we find out Occupy commentary? Well, how about Earth 2, with a very naughty[...]
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And in this case a female scientist under the thumb at home might probably grate a little… Superior Foes Of Spider-Man show just how superior they can be, with a disembodied head managing to flex its neck and leap from the table in an aggressive stature. Of course it's not just disembodied heads that can cause problems,[...]
There's A New Batman In Town, And He's Kind Of Big…
Back-Breaker himself trying on a new suit… This takes place in Forever Evil: Arkham War #3 This is what Harras posted with the image: With the Dark Knight out of the picture, the war for control of Gotham City wages on In next month's action-packed FOREVER EVIL: ARKHAM WAR #3, Bane steps up his game Understanding the[...]