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Strange Tales #97 interior story by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee, featuring Aunt May and Uncle Ben,Marvel 1962.
"Prototype" probably isn't quite the right name for the concept.  It's often just a name, a visual look, or a super-power that was recycled for later use — perhaps sometimes knowingly, perhaps not.  Still, prototypes do have their appeal.  It's another little hook into understanding comics history.  One of the most famous Marvel prototype issues,[...]
Aunt May to Get with Doc Ock Again in December's Spider-Man Comics
But the biggest news of all is that Marvel is teasing a rekindling of the romance between Aunt May and Doctor Octopus. The original near-wedding of Doc Ock and Aunt May took place in 1973 Are readers of 2021 ready to see Otto and May do the hibbity-dibbity? The answer can only be YES, YES, OH[...]
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-MAn #14 [Preview]
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #14 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Australia's Favorite Son Tom Taylor and Ken Lashley, and we've got a preview below, in which Spider-Man once again forgets his greatest lesson: that with great power comes great responsibility. In particular, Spider-Man has a responsibility to his Aunt May, who has been[...]
The Economic Report of the President is the Greatest Pop Culture Crossover of All Time
Aunt May, aunt to Peter Parker a friendly neighborhood spider-man John (sic) Snow, knows nothing, likes walls Bruce Wayne playboy billionaire philanthropist dark knight This is such an impressive team of interns that we should all sleep soundly knowing our economic policy is in super hands. These are not the only famous interns that have stepped[...]
Amazing Spider-Man #800 cover by Alex Ross
Now Osborn is going after those close to Peter Parker, starting with Aunt May and Mary Jane Watson Thankfully, Venom and Doctor Octopus have stakes in this fight, and Mary Jane and May are far from helpless Plus, Harry and Liz Allen aren't willing to lie down and let Norman ruin their lives, and Peter[...]
Spider-Man is Back in Black in Spider-Man #800
That would be retired at the behest of Mary Jane after an attack from Venom. Spider-Man #800 art by Stuart Immonen When Spidey's identity was public and Aunt May was shot by an assassin hired by Kingpin, Peter would bring back the Black Suit in the hopes of making a point with Wilson Fisk and anyone else[...]
Amazing Spider-Man #795 cover by Alex Ross
Meanwhile, Aunt May calls Bobbi Morse for lunch with her and Peter not knowing that they have broken up Elsewhere, Loki looks to summon Spider-Man to settle an old debt. Amazing Spider-Man #795 cover by Alex Ross Yes, I'm back on this one I've expressed my displeasure with the current Amazing Spider-Man before, but this one's going[...]
Is Aunt May Dying? You Know, Again?
No one coughs blood on panel without reason. Unless of course, Aunt May is a mutant and this is a terrigenesis cloud… Of course, if she does die (again), there's always the Jackal… Send in the clone Mays.   From Amazing Spider-Man #14 No one coughs blood on panel without reason. Unless of course, Aunt May is a mutant and[...]
Now Aunt May Is Spider-Man. Sorry, Spider-Ma'am.
That character Spider Ma'am appearing in the Spider-Verse Team-Up is a parallel universe Aunt May. Hey, she was Galactus' Twinkie herald in an old What If? comic Why not? Newsarama has the full preview of the final issue…   It was certainly hinted at They've already done it with Ben But could Marvel be so bold? Yes, yes, they could[...]
Wednesday Trending Topics: The Unsuspecting Spider-Man
But one that happened a few days ago was a very noticeable change in the way they do business out of the New York offices. When Peter Parker Had Sex With Aunt May (SPOILERS)  Today, Marvel published Amazing Spider-Man #699, the follow up to the explosive twist in Amazing Spider-Man #698 So, you know, spoilers. Twenty-One Thoughts About[...]
When Peter Parker Had Sex With Aunt May (SPOILERS)
And then we get a narrative from Peter Parker's point of view as he explores his new body… and its memories. Firstly, we were bang on the money with this theory and where it all began. But more than that, we discover events that occurred before the planned marriage of Aunt May and Otto Octavius[...]