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Batman Live Lost $220,000 In Albuquerque

There were indications that the Batman Live arena show was experiencing troubles at the box office at some locations late last year, as San Antonio and Tulsa runs were cancelled entirely, and expected 2013 dates didn't emerge after a Dallas stop in December.But as East Coast US Batman fans have been begging for stops in[...]

Batman Live! Cancels All Oklahoma And San Antonio Shows, And More

But not if they involve Batman apparently.The high profile Batman Live! show (which we reviewed a couple of years ago) has hit the bat-bumpers it seems.All dates of the BOK Center in Oklahoma, from December 19th to the 23rd have been cancelled.And all dates at the San Antonio Freeman Coliseum have also been cancelled, from[...]

Saturday Runaround: Space Punisher

It is only valid for the first person who tries to get this...PreviewWatch: The Beat runs a preview of The Other Side Of Howard CruseStageWatch: Batman Live comes to America from September to October. This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking I come for your women But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and[...]

Batman Live! – The Khandie Khisses Review

We sent her and Bleeding Cool reporter Ben Mortimer on a date to Batman Live! last weekend We ran Ben's report last week Now here comes Khandie's...I am a Batman fan in as much as I love Christian Bale in that rubbery suit So the prospect of watching/perving on another man in rubber[...]

Batman Live – The Bleeding Cool Review

Ben Mortimer writes for Bleeding Cool: Since watching Batman Live, and indeed at times during the show, I’ve been trying to work out just how to describe it There’s no music, so it’s certainly not a musical, but it doesn’t feel very much like theatre either* The best description I can come up with, given that[...]

Batman Live World Arena Tour Official Trailer

Looks like fun: It's here- the official Batman Live World Arena Tour advert.. And it was all filmed at Capital FM Arena Nottingham! Check it out! The show hits Nottingham between 14 and 18 September 2011 and tickets are on sale now priced between £20 and £45 (plus booking fee):[youtube][/youtube] Looks like fun: It's here- the official Batman[...]

Tuesday Trending Topics: Batman, Star Wars, Love

Fair or not, The Batman Live arena show sneak peek brings to mind general comparisons to the ill-fated Spider-Man Broadway show  They both seem so wonderfully strange I'd love to see 'em, honestly, but I can't help but wonder if fate got it wrong on both counts  Simple, dark, and direct might have been even more spectacular[...]

Video And Images Of The (Okay, Not The But A) New, Official Batmobile

Here's the new, official Batmobile as featured in the upcoming Batman Live stage show.It was designed by Professor Gordon Murray, creator of the Maclaren F1 Road Car (whatever that is) The Batmobile will apparently "do stuff" in the show, though "stuff" might just mean rolling back and forward a little bit They're keeping quiet.[youtube][/youtube][...]

VIDEO, IMAGE, SNARK: Batman Live Lives

Due to illness, jobs, children and whatever-else-we-have-that-passes-for-lives, neither Rich nor myself could make it to the press launch for Batman Live today There was much remorse.It doesn't mean we don't still want to warn tell you about it (even as it means you should probably take these comments for what they're worth, and that is[...]

Batman Live Stage Models (Pics)

Here are model pages from the upcoming Batman Live stage show from The Telegraph Note the Jim Lee artwork used throughout...Here are model pages from the upcoming Batman Live stage show from The Telegraph Note the Jim Lee artwork used throughout...Here are model pages from the upcoming Batman Live stage show from The[...]

BATMAN LIVE Arena Show Launch Date, Details Released

The show opens July 20 in Manchester and is set to hit North America in 2012.Earlier this year Heat Vision reported that writer Alan Burnett, who has numerous DC animation credits including the classic Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and last year's Green Lantern: First Flight, was developing Batman Live's storyline.Broadway World has some additional[...]