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Veronica Idolizes Clark Griswold in Betty & Veronica Christmas Story
Veronica Lodge learned everything she knows about exterior illumination from the classic film Christmas Vacation if this preview of Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #299 is accurate The issue features a new story in the classic Archie Comics style by Bill Golliher, Jim Amash, Glenn Whitmore, and Jack Morelli, in which Veronica has had[...]
No Respect for Deadlines in This Week's Betty & Veronica #2
Jughead is on a special assignment for his new gig as a reporter in this week's issue of Betty & Veronica He's doing a profile on Betty, who's busy building houses for the less fortunate But before Jughead can get some good photos for the article, Betty suddenly bounces… Why? Well, it might have something to[...]
Betty and Veronica Make a Secret Pact in Tomorrow's Betty & Veronica #1
In tomorrow's new Betty & Veronica series, the eternal teenagers of Riverdale grow up just a little, entering Senior Year and preparing to ship off for college (presumably in another 70 years or so) But before the Summer is over, the titular Betty and Veronica get together to make an important pact… Figure out how to[...]
Betty & Veronica Finally Enter Senior Year in First Look at Relaunched Series
Better late than never, that's what we like to say! But what isn't better late is pre-ordering your comics, so Archie wants everyone to know that final order cutoff is today, Monday, November 26th, ahead of the books' December 14th release date. Check out the preview below and let your comic shop know if you want a[...]
Sandra Lanz Replaces TBA as Artist on Betty & Veronica with Jamie L. Rotante
Ch-ch-changes! Back in July, Archie Comics announced a new Betty & Veronica series by writer Jamie L Rotante with superstar artist TBA You may know TBA from being announced as the artist of countless hot Marvel and DC projects, only to be replaced at the last minute by someone else before the book is ever[...]
Secret Origins of Riverdale Werewolves Revealed in Archie Previews for 8/22
Archie Comics has released previews of all of their comics hitting stores this week, including Jughead: The Hunger #8, Betty & Veronica Vixens #9, The Fox Vol 2, and World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #1 Check 'em out below. JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER #8 Riverdale has been the focal point of the war between the werewolf Joneses[...]
Betty & Veronica Prep for College in New Mini-Series by Jamie L. Rotante
Rotante was announced as the writer in a press release, but no artist has been announced yet, so we can assume the art will materialize fully formed out of thin air, as art tends to do. Kicking off with Betty & Veronica #1, the new series "sees B&V dealing with the life changes of senior year[...]
Betty & Veronica: Vixens Lead The Archie Comics November 2017 Solicitations
This includes a new Betty & Veronica series along with more Riverdale and classic Archie comics series. DARK CIRCLE THE SHIELD: DAUGHTER OF THE REVOLUTION VOL 1 Over the centuries, THE SHIELD has battled enemies of the United States—but what happens when she's not sure who the enemy is? This graphic novel collects THE SHIELD issues 1-4. Script: Adam[...]
Archie, Jughead, Riverdale And More – Full Archie Comics Solicitations For May 2017
When five students from different social cliques (Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Josie) end up in Saturday detention together—will they kill each other or come together against the forces of evil that brought them there? ARCHIE CLASSIC ARCHIE COMICS DOUBLE DIGEST #279 Script: Dan Parent Art: Dan Parent Cover: Dan Parent It's MUSIC MONTH! In the BRAND[...]
Adam Hughes' Betty & Veronica Lead The Archie Comics July 2016 Solicitations
The big news out of Archie Comics recently was the announcement of the latest reboot, Betty & Veronica and that Adam Hughes will be writing and drawn the series The first issue is among the July 2016 solicitations along with the latest issues of Sabrina, Archie and Jughead. SABRINA #6 THE ONGOING SERIES CONTINUES – "Familiars" is[...]