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Wanna Buy Lou Ferrigno's Original Hulk Pants at Auction?
(sic)', a foam rubber hand-painted length of faux black metal chain (48") bent to showcase the Hulk's incredible strength, a call sheet from the episode 'Deep Shock' (405), a shooting script and a promotional photograph of Hulk signed by actor Lou Ferrigno. This lot is in very fine, production-used, vintage condition overall. David Banner (Bill Bixby) shreds[...]
The Lonely Hulk – Green Is The New Blue
And Bill Bixby still makes a good Bruce Banner, but man the make-up on Lou Ferrigno was bad. [youtube][/youtube] NBC Classics have cut together a new super cut of the Lonely Hulk called Green Is The New Blue I'm not exactly sure why they did this, but it's interesting to watch and that tune totally gets[...]