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Dean Haspiel & Kirsten Holly Smith
It uses artwork from Dean Haspiel's comic book Billy Dogma, dubbed the last Romantic Anti-hero comic The opening synth waves of KiKi Holli's new take on Roxy Music's "More Than This" wash over listeners eardrums like baptismal seafoam at an oceanfront christening, purifying the sonic palate, washing souls clean—all to make way for her voice[...]
SE: NYC '15: Love Gives You Lazer-Eyes And Fists Of Fury In 'Heart-Shaped Hole'
Whether you've read any previous Billy Dogma comics by Dean Haspiel or not, this primer in the epic love and explosive action released at MoCCA Fest 2015 will set the stage for what I would deem a new level of action in the semi-autobio character's life Billy has been the "Last Romantic Anti-Hero" since 1995,[...]
Preview MoCCA Fest '15 Debut Heart-Shaped Hole From Dean Haspiel
This one, also out of Hang Dai Studios in Brooklyn, comes from Dean Haspiel, and is a collection of several never before in print Billy Dogma stories under the umbrella of Heart-Shaped Hole It is published by the studio's indie imprint Hang Dai Editions. [Note: This is a promo image The actual cover appears without a[...]
Dean Haspiel Waves His Wand At Wizard World
Haspiel responds, "Just look at the Billy Dogma & Jane Legit trading card they did up for me to promote It's a nice marketing tool and more than some cons do Plus, Wizard World takes good care of me." He noted that many fans were there for different reasons, such as a lot of them[...]
Hang Dai Editions Teams With Alternative Comics, Announces 2015 Publications From Dean Haspiel, Seth Kushner, Gregory Benton, And Josh Neufeld
Full color. Description: Billy Dogma and Jane Legit punch the apocalypse right in the kisser as their eternal war of woo breaks a Trip City-wide hymen. SECRET SAUCE COMIX Vol.1 by Seth Kushner and various artists April 2015 28-pages Full color. Description: Seth Kushner's new anthology features a mix of fumetti/cosplay, indie/sci-fi, and Silver-age inspired heroes by way of THE BROOKLYNITE, drawn[...]
Asbury Park Comic Con's Carousel Comics Performance Gets Totally NSFW
Each one suggested aspects of human behavior that were fairly abhorrent but all too familiar and worthy of satire, from "Rubber caveman and ape masks" that make one feel free to "regress" in behavior to 1001 insults to "drive weaklings to suicide", that enable you to "assert dominance in any situation" and a Ventroloquist dummy[...]
Dean Haspiel Has A Special Valentine's Message For You, And It's To Fear, My Dear
In April, Dean Haspiel's (The Fox) new graphic novel Fear, My Dear: A Billy Dogma Experience, launches from Z2 Comics (formerly Zip Comics), the second release for Z2 in 2014, following Paul Pope's Escapo Fear, My Dear collects newly remastered and never before in print material in the love-war adventures of anti-hero Billy Dogma and[...]
Paul Pope's Escapo Is Coming – Heralded By A Dean Haspiel Pin-Up
Z2 Comics (formerly Zip Comics and publisher of Harvey Pekar's Cleveland) is cranking into high gear this Spring with the release of two new graphic novels: both Paul Pope's Escapo and Dean Haspiel's Fear My Dear: A Billy Dogma Experience Escapo is coming in April and is currently in Previews, and is based on the[...]
DEBUT: Dean Haspiel's Billy Sex Dogma Motion Comic
Dean Haspiel's Billy Dogma adventure "Sex Planet" has been turned into a motion comic, directed/animated by Daniel J Kramer and debuting on Bleeding Cool Motion comics have had a fairly bad press in the past (often by me, I mean, did you see/hear Watchmen?) but Dean Haspiel tells Bleeding Cool; From the motion comics I've been[...]