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Black Desert Mobile Striker
Pearl Abyss revealed earlier today that they have finally added the Striker class into Black Desert Mobile with a new update If you're not entirely familiar with this class, it's essentially like fighting with an unarmed monk who went to Fight Club and didn't talk about it, as they let the fists do the talking[...]
Black Desert Mobile Merchantry
Pearl Abyss threw in anew update to Black Desert Mobile today, which included the launch of Ramoness Season Two and more First and foremost, the tournament portion of this will run for four weeks and will kick off on May 19th with a round of 32 for each region, which will then close out on[...]
Black Desert Mobile Secret Shultz Fortress
Pearl Abyss has added a new update to Black Desert Mobile this week that brings in an advanced battlefield with the Secret Shultz Fortress The update also comes with the new and improved enhancement system, Awakened Enhancement, which should help players get the levels they wish to achieve a little faster than before You can[...]
Black Desert Mobile Ancient Ruin Season 2
Pearl Abyss announced this morning that Ancient Ruin Season 2 is coming to Black Desert Mobile with the latest patch announced today The devs revealed the addition in a new set of patch notes, which should be going into effect today Among the changes being put into the game, aside from the season, are Tier[...]
Black Desert Mobile Boss Rush Art
Black Desert Mobile just got an awesome new update this week that had added a number of new features and modes to the mobile title The three big additions that Pearl Abyss has added are a new boss mode, a PvP ranking system, and map to help you find your way around their mobile MMORPG[...]
Black Desert Mobile Dark Knight
Black Desert Mobile just got a new update from Pearl Abyss, adding in the new Dark Knight class as well as a number of other additions A new patch was added today, which you can read about more in-depth here But the two big additions to it are the Dark Knight class, which we previously[...]
"Black Desert Mobile" Opens Pre-Registration For Dark Knight Class
Pearl Abyss is celebrating the Dark Knight class coming to Black Desert Mobile by opening up pre-registration for players to get first crack at the character This comes as part of the latest patch released into the game this week Among the other addiotions are new gear resonance, a new mount with a Tier 6[...]
"Black Desert Mobile" Has Bosses Looking For Revenge In Season 2
Pearl Abyss has released the latest patch notes for Season 2 of Black Desert Mobile, and this time around the bosses are coming back in force World bosses like Nouver, Karanda, and Kzarka have returned and are now much harder to defeat Which will put you and other party members in a jam to get[...]
"Black Desert Mobile" Gets A New Region Called North Mediah
Fans of Black Desert Mobile are getting an entirely new terrain to fight on as a new region has opened up called the North Mediah According to the info released by Pearl Abyss, this new region is filled with item drops, including skill books needed for Ascended characters and Abyssal gear for all classes There's[...]
"Black Desert Mobile" Receives The Ascension Update
Pearl Abyss has given Black Desert Mobile a brand new update this week as players now have access to the class ascension system If you've never used this system before, it basically allows you to unlock powerful new skills for your character the same way weapons do You have to reach Level 60 to ascend[...]
"Black Desert Mobile" Adds A New Dragon Boss To The Mix
Pearl Abyss has added a new boss into Black Desert Mobile, as the desert dragon Nouver has been unleashed onto the world Along with his addition to the game, Players can craft mystical weapons and armor from the blacksmith facility in the camp There's more to read about in the patch notes, which you can[...]
Pearl Abyss To Soft-Launch "Black Desert Mobile" On October 24th
Pearl Abyss announced a new free update coming to Black Desert Mobile as the game will be adding "Nightmare: Omar Lava Cave" This new addition has two modes, which will allow you to fight against other players through the PvP mode, and against powerful monsters in the combat zone Basically, a battle royale and a[...]
Auto Draft
Pearl Abyss has announced today they're adding a new feature to Black Desert Mobile as players will soon be able to try "Field of Valor" Basically the way this works out is that Field of Valor is a battlefield that you can enjoy as a party of five adventurers You team up with a party[...]
Pearl Abyss Launches "Black Desert Mobile" & Xbox Updates
It was a busy week for Pearl Abyss as they both launched Black Desert Mobile this week for iOS and Android, but added a new Xbox update First off, Black Desert Mobile is a slimmed-down version of the game, as you will choose from one of five available character classes You can pick Warrior, Witch,[...]
Pearl Abyss To Soft-Launch "Black Desert Mobile" On October 24th
Pearl Abyss announced today that they will be doing a soft-launch of Black Desert Mobile on October 24th, with two million pre-registered users The company already has players signed up from Canada, Chile, Sweden, Malaysia, Turkey, Ireland, and Australia Players everywhere else can pre-register on Google Play Store or pre-order on iOS App store ahead of its[...]