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Teased In Marvel Comics' Timeless #1 (Spoilers)
First we see a city, possibly New York skyscrapers with a web of fractures, of dimensions, across it. We see the Ravencroft Institute, with a sailing ship in the sky, a pirate ship maybe, descending upon it through the red mists. And we see Thanos with the Infinity Hammer and the Black Winter Gauntlet. We have been here[...]
GalactUs Comes To Fortnite World As Part Of Thor Storyline
Which sees Galactus on his question to satisfy his hunger and prepare to battle The Black Winter, with Thor as his cosmic Herald And, as part of his journey, planning to visit the world of Fornite. Marvel Makes Fortnite Galactus Comic Part of Thor #4 Continuity Marvel Makes Fortnite Galactus Comic Part of Thor #4 Continuity To be[...]
The Biggest, Baddest Spoilers for The Walking Dead #192
That cover depicts the battle between Thor and Galactus which we knew was coming, now that the Black Winter revealed its true purpose, but it's not actually that spoilery It just depicts a fight without a specific spoiler from the comic book inside It might be theamtically a spoiler, but that's another debate Nevertheless, just[...]
This Wednesday's Thor #6 Hots Up On eBay
And eBay has started to notice. Believed to feature the final physical form of the entity known as The Black Winter, involved with the destruction of the last-but-one omniverse and now looking to do it again (maybe), The Black Winter has been portrayed as a dark cosmic cloud and has taken the form of a dark[...]
Auto Draft
Marvel Comics has given retailers a challenge for their customers, regarding Thor #4, the issue that saw the god of Thunder get to work as the Herald of Galactus and ahead of meeting The Black Winter. The first scene saw Thor take Galactus' power to become the Herald of Galactus in his full cosmic totality. Before going[...]
How Thor #4 Rewrites The Marvel History Of Galactus – Again
The Black Winter, as introduced by Donny Cates to the Marvel Universe,  is a multiversal cosmic entity that fulfils a similar purpose in the Marvel Universe to Galactus on a far larger scale – rather than simply devouring planets, it consumes entire universes The Black Winter devoured the sixth iteration of the cosmos, leaving only[...]