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Make Your SDCC Appointment To Advertize On Bleeding Cool Or In Bleeding Cool Magazine
If you're at all interested in finding out more about advertizing opportunities here on Bleeding Cool's website, it's a good time to set up an appointment at San Diego where Jim Kuhoric will be in attendance and holding informational meetings. He's also available to discuss ad placement in our print project, Bleeding Cool Magazine, coming up[...]
Bleeding Cool Talks To Jimmy Palmiotti And Amanda Conner – The Extra Cuts
In the most recent issue of Bleeding Cool Magazine, I interviewed Jimmy Palmotti and Amanda Conner about their current work. Thousands of words later, we ran out of room as we butted up to Alan Moore talking about Providence So here are a few choice cuts of what didn't end up in the magazine… Rich Johnston: Jimmy,[...]
Bleeding Cool Magazine #18 For August 2015 Is Full Of Innovation
This is the cover to August's Bleeding Cool Magazine #18, featuring an original Lady Killer cover by Joelle Jones, exclusively for Bleeding Cool One for the kiddies, there. BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE #18 $5.99 Full Color, 128 pages Stand out titles with an "indie" status in style and sensibility are giving the Big Two a run for their money right[...]
In One Week, In Two Weeks – Bleeding Cool Magazine #16
Next week we see the launch of Drones, Empire Uprising, Uncle Scrooge, Infinite Loop, Beyond Belief, Kaptara, Inhuman Special, Avengers: Operation Hydra, Vamplets Nightmare Nursery, Mono V2 .… and Bleeding Cool Magazine #16! Then the week after? Order Of The Forge, Vertigo SF Quarterly, Wonder Woman 77 and Pisces… DARK HORSE COMICS ART OF THE UNCHARTED TRILOGY HC $39.99 BTVS[...]
Bleeding Cool Magazine #17 For June – The San Diego Issue
Coming in June… timed to coincide with the San Diego Comic Con 2015… the Bleeding Cool Magazine San Diego issue. And we promise, there's no lottery on this one Anyone who wants a copy, can get a copy And unlike San Diego Convention Center, it's able to increase in size – and has, adding another 20[...]
In One Week In Two Weeks – Bleeding Cool Magazine #15 Is A'Comin'
Next Wednesday sees the release of the new Bleeding Cool Magazine #15, the Women In Comics issue. And the launch of Suiciders, Orphan Black (which is handy), TMNT Mutanimals, Spider-Gwen, Black Hood and Curb Stomp. And in two weeks The launches of Neverboy, Fly Outbreak, Miami Vice Remix, Citizen Of The Galaxy, Big Man PLans, Descender, All-New Hawkeye Guardians[...]
Bleeding Cool Magazine #14 Is Out Today – The Apocalypse Issue
With Alan Moore's Crossed +100 on the cover, today's Bleeding Cool Magazine, the fourteenth main issue (and the seventeenth if you count the zero and two FCBD issues) tooks to some very nasty futures indeed With multiple issues covering comics such as Rai, Escape From New York, a run down of a history of post[...]
Bleeding Cool Magazine Nominated For  Diamond Gem Awards 2014
Diamond Comic Distributors have released the nominations for their Gem Awards for 2014, which retailers have the chance to vote on. And for the first time Bleeding Cool Magazine has been nominated for Magazine Of The Year The magazine is edited by our online EIC Hannah Means-Shannon, contributed to by myself and staff writer Dan Wickline,[...]
Bleeding Cool Magazine #13 – The Top 100 Power List 2014 – Out Today
Today sees the publication of Bleeding Cool Magazine #13 Including the Top 100 Power List, featuring the hundred most powerful people in the comic book industry right now according to… well… me. Except I'm not in it. Find out why by picking up a copy today And see who has taken the number one slot away from[...]
In One Week, In Two Weeks… I've Got The Power!
Next week sees the release of the third annual Bleeding Cool Power List, with Bleeding Cool Magazine #13, looking at the movers and the shakers in the comic book industry right now. It's joined by the release of Alan Moore's new comic, Crossed +100 #1, as well as te launches of Gotham By Midnight, Angry Birds/Transformers,[...]