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What's Coming Up In Bleeding Cool Magazine #13
In the latest issue of Bleeding Cool Magazine, Rich Johnston makes his rankings of who controls the future of the books we love and hate. BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE #13 Retail Price: $4.99 US Full Color, 104 pages PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: It's that time of year – time to see who earns the #1 power rank position in RICH JOHNSTON's yearly[...]
Bleeding Cool Magazine's Sci-Fi Spectacular in Stores Today
If you are a fan of Sci Fi then you want to pick up Bleeding Cool Magazine #10 in comic shops today. Bleeding Cool Magazine's Science Fiction Spectacular issue returns with a look at the best in Sci-fi in comics, film, and television! Join us to enter Dark Horse's world of Alien with coverage on their biggest new[...]
BCM Now Offering Half-Page Ad Space – Updated
(Yeah, I went there.) I've done a few articles so far about advertising on Bleeding Cool or in Bleeding Cool Magazine I've talked about the incredible reach of both the website and the print version and I let you know that there are affordable options for everyone. Well now it's even more affordable as BCM is now[...]
Bleeding Cool Magazine #12 Solicitation
Plus check out that awesome Hellraiser cover. BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE #12 Retail Price: $4.99 US Full Color, 104 pages PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  RICH JOHNSTON gets readers ready for Halloween horrors with real life ghost stories from the comic creating community!  If you want to know what scares your favorite writers and artists, the newest issue of Bleeding Cool Magazine is[...]
Thirty-One Reviews Of Thirty-One Free Comic Book Day 2014 Titles – Futures End, Uber, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Hello Kitty, Hip Hop Family Tree, Overstreet, Jellaby, Buck Rogers, Teen Titans Go, Street Fighter, Steam Wars, All You Need Is Kill, Raising A Reader, Atomic Robo, Archie, Bongo, Les Miserables, Sherwood Texas, History Of Japan, Scratch 9,  Bleeding Cool Magazine, Defend Comics, Sonic, Tick, Fubar, Kaboom, Spongebob Squarepants, Epic, Uncle Scrooge, Scam and Intrinsic
But when Hello Kitty gives you a much more intellectually stimulating meal for your cat, then you know something is wrong. Bleeding Cool Magazine, published by Avatar Press. Okay, well, there's nothing objective I could say here But with the new movie out, it's the only publication on Free Comic Book Day with Spider-Man on the cover[...]
Sci-Fi Specatular Returns In Bleeding Cool Magazine #10
The big news for April in the comic book, film and television magazine world is that Bleeding Cool Magazine is doing its Sci-Fi Spectacular issue. BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE #10 (Diamond C:  0-1-2) Retail Price: $4.99 US Full Color, 104 pages PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Bleeding Cool Magazine's Science Fiction Spectacular issue returns with a look at the best in Sci-fi in comics,[...]
Kieron Gillen Explains The Uber Special #1 Coming In March – With Exclusive Artwork
And so the Uber universe expands… Make sure to also look out for Bleeding Cool Magazine #8 which includes a special exclusive digital download of the Uber #1/2 story revealing the back story of  the battleship Sieglinde Uber is available through Avatar Press, who own Bleeding Cool, and also digitally now on ComiXology. Uber, written by[...]
Getting The Word Out On Free Comic Book Day
There was even a cover for Boom! Studios Deathmatch… Yes, Bleeding Cool Magazine invaded Free Comic Book Day… and people rejoiced. Now that the new line-up of Free Comic Book Day has been announced, we see that once again Bleeding Cool Magazine will be part of the day With a new issue geared specifically towards turning the new customer[...]
Everyone Go Out And Buy Bleeding Cool Magazine #7 For $1.99
For a full copy of Bleeding Cool Magazine with this year's Top 100 Power List And a free exclusive Shadowman comic written by Peter Milligan, Issue 13X You know, like Wizard used to do. Go on, buy a copy, then tell me what you thought Use the webcodes on each article to link through to a[...]
A New Number One On Bleeding Cool Magazine's Top 100 Power List
With the release of Bleeding Cool Magazine #7 this week, a new name takes over the #1 spot on the Top 100 Most Powerful People in Comic Books. In last years inaugural list the top spot went to DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee, but this year the fan-favorite artist drops back in our list to be replaced[...]
In One Week, In Two Weeks – Bleeding Cool Magazine #7
Bleeding Cool Magazine With a free copy of Shadowman #13X, exclusive to the magazine The Top 100 Power List of 2013. And all for $1.99. Seriously folks, you probably should buy this one. Other things… the launch of Never Ending from Dark Horse, the special edition of Sandman Overture #1, the remastered Maxx #1 from IDW, Black Science[...]
It's Adventure Time With Bleeding Cool Magazine!
Start the new year off right with Bleeding Cool Magazine #9! This month the focus is on all-ages comics including Adventure Time from Boom! Studios, the upcoming events of 2014 that will change the comic world, a Watchman retrospective and all the latest happenings from Hollywood Order the 100-pages of exclusive, not-available-on-the web content now! BLEEDING[...]
Get Kieron Gillen's Uber #1/2 With Bleeding Cool Magazine #8
Do you remember the 1/2 issues that Wizard Magazine did every now and then? Exclusive issues of a comic book that you could send off for, that wouldn't be reprinted? We do. Well, it's that time again… to start putting in your orders for Bleeding Cool Magazine #8 You get another issue at the super low prices[...]
Preview: Shadowman #13X. You Know, The One In Bleeding Cool Magazine #7.
Shadowman #13X is a comic book based on an idea totally ripped off from Wizard Magazine generated by Bleeding Cool Magazine for next month's issue An exclusive in-continuity Shadowman story written by new writer on the series Peter Milligan and it fits before his "official" first issue Shadowman #13 It will be bagged inside Bleeding[...]
Want To Get Published? Bleeding Cool Magazine Is Looking For You
Bleeding Cool Magazine is looking for contributors for future issues Editor-in-Chief Jim Kuhoric will be at the Avatar Press booth at the Baltimore Comic Con this weekend and encourages writers, artists and photographers to come by and talk with him about becoming part of the BCM family. That's Jim on the right hand side there. Writers, bring[...]
Last Chance To Pre-Order Bleeding Cool Magazine #7 At The Introductory Price
Today is the last day you can have your retailer pre-order Bleeding Cool Magazine #7 for you Which means when you go to the shop in October they may be all sold out. You'll miss out on Rich Johnston's Top 100 Comic Industry Power Rankings This annual event launched BCM and got picked up by multiple mainstream[...]
Bleeding Cool Magazine Sets Issue 7 Cover Price At Only $1.99
Issue #7 of Bleeding Cool Magazine is going to be offered for only $1.99. Over 100 pages of industry information for only $1.99, including: Rich Johnston's Top 100 Comic Industry Power Rankings Exclusive Shadowman #13X Comic that preludes the next big story arc Collections into Cash and Price Guide features Movie set visits Creator interviews And a retailer incentive cover for Avatar[...]
Top 100 Most Powerful People In Comics Returns In BCM #7
A year ago when Bleeding Cool Magazine launched, the front cover read 'Face To Face With Alan Moore' I'm guessing a lot of people bought the issue for that On the other side of the cover it read, 'Top 100 Most Powerful People In Comics' I'll admit I bought the magazine for that just to[...]
Exclusive Shadowman #13X Cover Image And Prelude To Top Secret Creative Team
The issue begins a new story arc and a prelude to that can be found Bleeding Cool Magazine's first "X" issue That's right, if you want to get a sneak peek at what's happening next, you'll need to get Shadowman #13X shipping exclusively with Bleeding Cool Magazine #7 which you can order now by using Diamond Order[...]
Seven Reasons Why You Should Order Bleeding Cool Magazine # 7
For the folks who didn't get to see a the look at how to make a Marvel Movie, the retrospective on The Rocketeer, the interview about Dark Horse Horror or the Frank Cho gallery. For you, the readers who have yet to hold a Bleeding Cool Magazine in their hands I present to you seven reasons[...]
BC Mag #5: Life In The Gutters
Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rich Johnston Writers are often asked one repeated question from their readers… "Where do you get your stories from?" Alan Moore said that it's probably the most repeated question, but also one of the most important, as no writer really knows Which is why Alan worships a Roman god exposed as[...]
Here Comes Bleeding Cool Magazine #5
Today sees Bleeding Cool Magazine #5, the sixth issue counting #0 of the Bleeding Cool print spinoff I couldn't be more proud that it's made it this far. A San Diego Comic Con special, it includes an article I wrote detailing tales of sex, drugs, violence and cosplay from San Diegos past, and a promise to[...]
Alan Moore's Fashion Beast Collected, Plus Uber, Absolution, Crossed And Bleeding Cool Magazine – Avatar Press Solicitations For August 2013
BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE #6 Retail Price: $4.99 US MR, Full Color, 104 pages Bleeding Cool Magazine talks to some of the most recognizable COSPLAYERS in the field with a revealing interview and exclusive costume pictorial! RICH JOHNSTON dissects the biggest comic events of 2013 giving his unique perspective on the big winners and the epic losers BRENDON CONNELY[...]