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Blondie: The Year to Stay in Bed: 2020 Collection
King Features Syndicate has announced a new collection of the comic strip Blondie Titled Blondie: The Year to Stay in Bed: 2020 Collection, the book is notable both for featuring an excessive two colons in a single title and for featuring comic strips by Dean Young and John Marshall commemorating the nightmarish hell year that[...]
The Miracles To Appear in Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw's Crossover
Harley Quinn wife-and-husband team Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti are working with Hitman co-creator John McCrea on a new Blondie graphic novel from Z2 Comics. Jimmy Palmiotti says "I think it would be impossible to give Blondie and the downtown New York music scene the proper respect and visceral representation it deserves if I didn't live[...]
Dick Tracy to Doonesbury, Savage Dragon #252 Homages Cartoon Strips
Whether that's delving into graphic sex, killing the main character, ageing in real-time, introducing trademarked version of God, the Devil, Jesus and Hitler, with changing storytelling styles, from panel layouts to influences and homages. Over the years, creator Erik Larsen has channelled the likes of Peanuts and Calvin & Hobbes for certain scenes in Savage Dragon,[...]
American Gods: Garbage's Shirley Manson Talks Duet With Debbie Harry
As we finally get to see Bilquis' (Yetide Badaki) backstory play out over the centuries, viewers are treated to the '70s disco-sounding Tehran 1979, composed by series composer Brian Reitzell and performed by vocal powerhouses Shirley Manson from the alternative rock band Garbage and the legendary Debbie Harry from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-inducted[...]
And Now… Watch JH Williams III's Artwork Animated In The New Blondie Video!
Williams III ( Sandman: Overture, Promethea, Bat Woman) for the new Blondie album, Ghosts of Download as the images for the front cover, back cover, and CD pamphlet were revealed on Williams' blog (with more to come) but today another bomb dropped when Blondie's video for the single "I Want To Drag You Around" went[...]
JH Williams III's Art For The New Blondie Album Is Here At Last!
Williams III, has been teasing his artwork on the upcoming Blondie album Ghosts of Download, since last summer at SDCC, and talked further about the genesis of the project in his panel at Asbury Park Comic Con two weeks ago, giving us all the impression that seeing the finished artwork would be worth the wait. Only we[...]
Tales Of Tattoos At MorrisonCon And Blondie's Next Cover Artist
The lady in question was a quite brilliant extreme human bodysports entertainer and a massive JH Williams fan. Oh yes, and JH Williams III also revealed at his panel that  he's doing the artwork for the next Blondie record, including designing their outfits. What a world… Stace Inveigus writes for Bleeding Cool; The Hard Rock Hotel hosting MorrisonCon[...]