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Nintendo Announces Nintendo Switch OLED To Launch In October
Ever since the Nintendo Switch was released, one of the biggest demands from players has been the inclusion of Bluetooth Well, we finally got it last night as the company released Update onto the console, with the biggest addition being Bluetooth support For the record, we tried it out last night on a pair[...]
CORSAIR Launches HS70 Bluetooth Gaming Headset
CORSAIR revealed another gaming headset this past week in the form of the HS70 Bluetooth for a wireless gaming experience As you can see, it works like most wireless setups as it has it's own dock to hang them from for charging, but it also comes with the ability to switch to 3.5mm jack in[...]
We Review The Bluetooth Enabled Rubik's Cube GoCube
However, considering there are Bluetooth toys out there that do far less that cost $100, this actually feels like a little bit more of a sound investment. Credit: Gavin Sheehan One of the more interesting items to come across our desk in a while was the GoCube, which is basically an electronic version of a Rubik's[...]
Audiophile Customization: We Review Ultimate Ears' EU 18+ Bluetooth Monitors
One of Logitech's more premiere lines of creative audio products, they're primarily known for the Boom and Blast Bluetooth speaker series, but they also have Ultimate Ears Pro, which does custom mold earbuds and in-ear monitors Ever since I got my first pair back in 2011, I've sworn by the company ever since and have[...]
Fortress Festoon: Looking For The Best Of Geeky Bluetooth With ThinkGeek
Looking over our own geeky decor, something seems to be missing in the home that is basically becoming a standard, and that's Bluetooth speakers Slowly replacing small radios and alarm clocks, a small Bluetooth speaker with a bit of geeky flare is the perfect gift this season for the hard-to-shop-for nerd in your life But[...]
Treading Back Into Bluetooth Waters With The Razer Hammerhead BT
An area I don't venture too far into when it comes to audio is Bluetooth, simply because I always have issues with connectivity and battery power, regardless of what they're hooked up to When Razer announced their new pair of Hammerhead BT earbuds last month, I got kind of intrigued to see how they would[...]
Soon You Will Be Able To EXTERMINATE Very Loudly
They are in the process of making a bluetooth speaker in the form of a Dalek. They say they are constructing the largest, loudest and most deadly portable Bluetooth speaker in the galaxy They are calling it the "Dalek Massive", which is going to be six feet tall with over forty speakers. "Dalek Massive" will feature forty Massive[...]