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If there's anyone who's earned the streaming street cred to wade into the Dave Chappelle/Netflix controversy, it would be Raphael Bob-Waksberg, the creator of BoJack Horseman (the show that forced the streamer to rewrite their rules when it comes to its Originals) And that's exactly what he did on Tuesday night, taking to Twitter to[...]
A scene from BoJack Horseman (Image: Netflix).
Though the series wrapped up its sixth and final season earlier this year, Netflix's BoJack Horseman is another series to be added to the list of shows with white actors who regret voicing non-white characters Alison Brie (Community, GLOW) took to social media on Friday to post her regrets over voicing Diane Nguyen, a Vietnamese-American[...]
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Netflix went the "good news/bad news" route in September, leaving fans of BoJack Horseman a swirling mix of emotions On one hand, the streamer released a trailer for the sixth season – which is airing in two parts: first was October 2019, with the season returning January 31, 2020 The bad news? Netflix's critically-acclaimed and[...]
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Imagine you've known a man for years… like BoJack Horseman, for example. He's a famous Hollywood actor But he has a messy life He's an alcoholic He's a drug addict Still, you care for him.  You know he's prone to making bad decisions You don't know that two of his decisions ruined the lives of two[...]
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In every season of Netflix's BoJack Horseman, the creators have something hilarious and alarmingly accurate to say about Hollywood and popular culture In its sixth and final season, they take aim at superhero movies–and in particular, Disney–Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel. Disney Representation and inclusion have been big issues in Hollywood BoJack Horseman speaks to how clumsily Hollywood[...]
The Revolution Will Be Animated! 5 Subversive Shows Stickin' It to "The Man"
But it's witty and timely humor, too…I swear! #2 Bojack Horseman Netflix can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: BoJack Horseman: Season 5 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix ( I know, more Netflix – but they have really been on top of their game when it comes to cartoons that offer adult commentary, satire, and a subversive[...]
BoJack Horseman Season 6 Gets Go-Ahead from Netflix
You just can't keep a good comeback story down… If viewers thought BoJack Horseman – both the show and the character – would ride off into the sunset after season 5, then you don't know jack about BoJack Less than two months after its fifth season premiere, Netflix's critically-acclaimed and viewer-adored adult animated series has been given[...]
'BoJack Horseman' Season 5 Trailer: BoJack Faces His Past; Diane Gets a New Haircut
"I am a bad guy and the world needs to know." – Bojack Horseman Uh-oh… After you're done checking out the official trailer for Netflix's fifth season of BoJack Horseman, you'll probably end up asking yourselves the same question we asked ourselves: is BoJack (Will Arnett) at his self-sabotaging worst when he's hit rock bottom – or[...]
Netflix's BoJack Horseman Gets Syndication Home at Comedy Central
When you're a celebrity of BoJack Horseman's stature, it's not unusual to have more than one home — one east coast and one west cost, for example What is unusual is when a Netflix original series sets up a new home away from the streaming service It looks like that's the case, however, as Comedy[...]
paradise p.d.
PARADISE PD Roger Black and Waco O'Guin (co-creators, Brickleberry) are set to join Netflix's impressive slate of adult animation (including Big Mouth, BoJack Horseman, and Tuca & Bertie) with their take on small-town, "backwater Southern-fried" law enforcement Paradise P.D. — and now we're getting our first look through both the official trailer for and official stills from the series. PARADISE[...]
BoJack Hoseman Tweets Season 5 Premiere Date, Apparently Shot in Retaliation
Credit: Netflix What better way to say goodbye to the summer and get the fall season kicked off on the right note then spending a little quality time with our old friend BoJack Horseman, right? Beating Netflix to the punch — and to get "Princess Leia" and 9,999,999 other like-minded fans off of his back —[...]
Undone: 'BoJack' Team Casts Rosa Salazar in Amazon Animated Series
Credit: Debby Wong / BoJack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg is expanding his animated streaming service horizons beyond Netflix with his new half-hour animated dramedy series Undone for Amazon Co-created by Bob-Waksberg and BoJack Horseman writer-producer Kate Purdy and starring Rosa Salazar (The Maze Runner films) and Angelique Cabral (Life in Pieces), the series marks Amazon Studios'[...]
Tuca & Bertie: Tiffany Haddish Joins New 'BoJack' Team Series
Credit: Netflix Netflix continues its foray into the world of troubled animated animals with Tuca & Bertie, a new animated series from BoJack Horseman's producer/production designer Lisa Hanawalt The 10-episode series will highlight the friendship between two 30-year-old bird women who also live in the same apartment building: Tuca, a cocky, care-free toucan; and Bertie, an anxious, daydreaming[...]
BoJack Horseman: He's Not Just for Netflix Anymore
Credit: Netflix In what is a rare move on the part of a Netflix original series, the rerun rights to animated comedy series BoJack Horseman are being shopped to cable networks by producer Tornante Co through distributor Debmar-Mercury The series premiered in 2014, when the streaming giant was just beginning to formulate its long-term plans for original[...]
'The Real Fairy Godmother': ABC Conjures Up Kristin Chenoweth As Lead
Mark Nicholson, Zadan/Meron Productions' head of development, will serve as co-executive producer. With roles in projects as diverse as American Gods, Pushing Daises, and BoJack Horseman, Chenoweth is no stranger to either genre television or to the experience of working outside of the "The Big Three." The new television landscape represents a horizon of opportunities for[...]
"Clingy Netflix Exec" Renews BoJack Horseman For Season 5
Less than two weeks after Netflix dropped the critically-acclaimed fourth season of BoJack Horseman for fan binge consumption, the streaming service had one of their "clingy executives" text our beloved BoJack to let him know that he's been renewed for Season 5 Thankfully, BoJack was kind enough to share the exchange with us: SO, THIS HAPPENED…[...]
'BoJack Horseman' Season 4 Trailer: Life Rolls On As BoJack's Still MIA
Aristotle once said that "nature abhors a vacuum," and as we can see from the newly released Season 4 trailer and poster for Netflix's BoJack Horseman, so does Hollywoo Even though the fourth season of the streaming service's highly successful animated series begins with BoJack still MIA on a "personal pilgrimage" to get his life together,[...]
'BoJack Horseman' Season 4: Neflix Sets Premiere Date
Looks like you can't keep a good washed-up '90's sitcom star down for long…maybe an extra two months. Netflix announced earlier today through the show's Twitter page that BoJack Horseman will be bitterly staggering his way back to viewers for Season 4, with all episodes premiering on Friday, September 8 While the show's Seasons 2 &[...]
The LEGO Movie sequel
After turning in a first draft, it was re-written by Raphael Bob-Waksberg of BoJack Horseman fame The film was then pushed further back to February 2019, five years after the original Originally hired director Rob Schrab (Community, The Mindy Project) has now left the project due to the old "creative differences", and they have brought[...]
Bojack Horseman Season 2 Coming To Netflix
Netflix's animated series Bojack Horseman returns for a second season as well The series stars Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie, Paul F Tompkins, and Aaron Paul — with guest star Lisa Kudrow. BoJack's back — and this year… He's really trying to be a better Horseman.   The trailer is a bit NSFW… so be cautious. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
First Trailer For Netflix's Bojack Horseman
Generally the absurd Adult Swim-style animated comedies don't do much for me, but I actually kinda dug this trailer for Netflix's BoJack Horseman Maybe the fact that it doesn't tip so far over into Adult Swim territory helps This seems just absurd enough for a mainstream audience to feel like they're watching something cool and[...]