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Finally, A Solution To Power Girl's Costume?
If men want to degrade themselves by staring, that's their problem, I'm not going to apologize for it." or And as for not wearing a mask.. "…it's because most of the time, they ain't looking at my face." Originally a cousin of Superman, she defined herself as something else, rejecting attempts to align her to an S or even[...]
The Future Of Power Girl's Boob Window
From World's Finest: Futures End #1, even when Power Girl makes an effort to cover up… She just can't catch a break. She is, however, still able to inspire boob windows in others. But is this fair? Is this all she is? Are we just exacerbating the problem by constantly going on about it? Are we reducing a[...]
"As Power Girl Returns To Her Classic Look"  World's Finest #12 Brings Back The Boob Window
One of comics' ongoing costume controversies, the classic Power Girl costume and its "boob window", returns for another round: They sort-of did this briefly last year It looks (and sounds, from the solicits) a bit more permanent this time, but I guess time will tell. CBR has the Justice League group solicit covers and details: WORLDS' FINEST #12 Written[...]
Power Girl's Boob Window Is Back
The "boob window". Ah, how we have missed thee… Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics in London About to host an Ian Churchill career retrospective of original art in August, kicking off with a signing… It's not like it's for long And no doubt by next week it will be repaired for next month[...]
One Last Boob Window For Power Girl
A boob French window that is, left wide open. In the new World's Finest comic, out today, Huntress and Power Girl adopt their new identities in the world