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Vault Comics to publish Brandon Sanderson's The Dark One in 2020
Brandon Sanderson is an American fantasy and science fiction writer, best known for the Cosmere universe, in which most of his fantasy novels including the Mistborn series and The Stormlight Archive are set In 2016, the Chinese-founded company DMG Entertainment, which also bought Valiant Entertainment, licensed the movie rights to Sanderson's entire Cosmere universe. Sanderson is[...]
The Wheel of Time (Image: Tor Books)
We're pretty tickled that Brandon Sanderson just stopped by the Amazon Studios Wheel Of Time series writer's room Sanderson took over writing the "Wheel of Time" book series when creator Robert Jordan passed away, completing the 14-book saga (that was meant to end with 12). Doing pitch meeting for #DarkOne and though time is tight, I managed to swing by[...]
Fantasy Author Brandon Sanderson Developing 'Dark One' Multimedia Adventure Series
Credit (left): Random House / (right): Nazrilof Best-selling fantasy novelist Brandon Sanderson is going in a slightly different direction with his next project — or to be more precise, slightly different directions The Oathbringer author is teaming with FremantleMedia North America (Starz's American Gods) and Random House Studio on drama-adventure series Dark One for television as well as[...]
White Sand
About two years ago, my friend Ashley told me about a book series called Mistborn by an author named Brandon Sanderson I listened to the book and loved how he crafted the world and described the way his character's special abilities worked It was a detail you'd normally only get in comics. Along with Mistborn series,[...]
White Sand
Brandon Sanderson has created a series of impressive novels that make up what is called the Cosmere Universe Last year he teamed with Dynamite Entertainment, writer Rik Hoskin and artist Julius Gopez to bring another part of the universe to life as a series of graphic novels called White Sand The first volume did very[...]
Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's Collections And Trades Shipping September 2017
Our final exclusive look at Dynamite's solicitations and covers for books shipping in September 2017 focuses on their collections and trades, including The Best of Vampirella, a Dresden Files Omnibus, John Carter: The End collected and a softcover version of Brandon Sanderson's White Sand. WHITE SAND VOL 1 Trade Paperback Cover: Julius Gopez | Writer: Brandon Sanderson,[...]
Wheel of Time Turns and Turns Again, Series Lands at Sony
Jordan unfortunately passed away in 2007 before finishing his series, but Brandon Sanderson took over the writing duties and completed the saga. You may recall the strange affair of the Wheel of Time 'pilot' that aired at 2:30am on the FX stations in 2015  The story about that is strange and convoluted, and boils down to the[...]
Brandon Sanderson's White Sand – 24 Trades Of Christmas
As it is December first and thought go to the holiday season and gift shopping, I thought I would kick off a 24 Trades of Christmas series, pointing out graphic novels and collections that might being smiles to the faces of those you are buying for. I'm kicking this off with one of the best selling[...]
Brandon Sanderson's White Sand Lands #2 On The NY Times GN Bestseller List
This is an original graphic novel based on an unpublished manuscript by author Brandon Sanderson It's part of his Cosmere Universe and was adapted by Rik Hoskin with art by Julius Gopez. You don't hear a lot about graphic novels selling out. It's also #2 on the New York Times Graphic Novel Bestseller List. Now, they included some[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews Of Spirit #12 And White Sand #1
Will Eisner's The Spirit #12 wraps up Matt Wagner's run on the character while the White Sand graphic novel adapts a never before published novel by Brandon Sanderson. Will Eisner's The Spirit #12 writer: Matt Wagner artist: Dan Schkade, Brennan Wagner (colorist) cover: Eric Powell This exciting and action-packed climactic issue of Dynamite's critically acclaimed series, finally finds[...]
Brandon Sanderson Visits Utah For White Sand
I'm having that with author Brandon Sanderson A friend of mine introduced me to his work a few months back with the novel Mistborn It is one of the truly unique takes on superpowers that I've ever come across I really enjoyed the book and look forward to reading more of his work… which there[...]
The Battle Of Houses Begins In Mistborn: House War
It's called, Mistborn: House War, and it's the first official board game set in the world of Brandon Sanderson's best-selling Mistborn novels The game is designed by Kevin Wilson (Arkham Horror, The X-Files) and developed by Crafty Games In Mistborn: House War players take on the role of leaders of great noble Houses, struggling to[...]