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Rebirth Recap: Titans – A Jewel Of Modern DC
That's just kind of how art and literature works. Dan Abnett and Brett Booth's Titans seems like a good place to start It's sort of the prime Rebirth comic The return of Wally West was the lynchpin of DC Universe: Rebirth, and the lighter tone of Titans certainly exemplifies the direction that DC is trying to[...]
The Wildstorm 25th Anniversary Project With Full Visual UPDATE – Fiona Staples, Lee Bermejo, Jim Lee, Bryan Hitch, J Scott Campbell, Warren Ellis And More –
A Jeff Scott Campbell Gen 13 story, a Brett Booth Backlash story, a Dustin Nguyen Wildcats 3.0 story and the Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch Authority story that will also be seen in Absolute Authority's new printing. UPDATE: Our man on the scene, Matthew Quitney e-mails in with the full breakdown. A hardcover Wildstorm retrospective book will be[...]
Brett Booth's Wildstorm Rebirth?
But in the DC Rebirth titles? Not a mention. Which meant this piece of posted art by DC artist Brett Booth got folk all of a twitter. More to come? It was noted, in the DC Rebirth announcement, a definite absence of anything Wildstorm-related The comic publisher/imprint bought by DC Comics as part of the deal that made[...]
Ethan Van Sciver Vs. Daniel Kesner
Last week, we ran an article on the work of artist Daniel Kesner, who was selling original artwork clearly swiped from other artists including Brett Booth. Since then, a few other creators locked and loaded over his continued swiping work Especially Ethan Van Sciver. This dude is tracing my art and selling it on eBay[...]
This Is Not The Work Of Brett Booth
Daniel Kesner is an artist with an eBay account, which he is using to sell original piece of artwork. But exactly how original are they? Take his image of Reverse Flash. And then take the big reveal page from Flash #40 by Brett Booth Like he did. Or compare his Darth Maul…. Which seems to be a take on this version[...]
Pete Woods, Redesigning The New Gods With Glee
And I feel Booth's Miracle & Barda are good as well. — Mike Fitzgerald (@MikeFitz538) August 16, 2014 @MikeFitz538 @thatpetewoods So hands off! Everyone else you can mess with;p — Brett Booth (@Demonpuppy) August 16, 2014 @Demonpuppy @MikeFitz538 I didn't lay a finger on those designs! They're awesome! — Pete Woods (@thatpetewoods) August 16, 2014 @thatpetewoods @Demonpuppy I'd say the New[...]
Dan Jurgens On Aquaman And The Others? (BOOTH UPDATE)
If indeed there even is an Aquaman And The Others series (there is). UPDATE: Although it could be Brett Booth…. @Tommypapers35 Where did you hear that? — Brett Booth (@Demonpuppy) January 13, 2014 @Tommypapers35 Don't believe everything you read on BC;) — Brett Booth (@Demonpuppy) January 13, 2014 That's the rumour I'm hearing Dan Jurgens, who wrote Aquaman for a[...]
A Very Festive Fanboy Rampage Over Duck Dynasty
Over a little Duck Dynasty Homophobia. @ronmarz It is if people are now afraid to speak their mind for fear of being fired. — Brett Booth (@Demonpuppy) December 19, 2013   @ronmarz So it's OK to get fired over it? I don't agree with you, leads to a police state. — Brett Booth (@Demonpuppy) December 19, 2013   @ronmarz But it is[...]
Swipe File: Avengers Vs Thanos Vs Batman/Superman Vs Mongul
Batman/Superman #6 was out yesterday, with a cover by Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund Familiar at all? And the cover to Avengers Vs Thanos, by Jim Starlin… In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree They may be homages, parodies, ironic appropriations, coincidences or works of the lightbox[...]
Brett Booth On Nightwing And More DC April Holy Sh!t Gatefold Covers
Firstly, yes, that does look like Brett Booth is on Nightwing Respectfully, etc… though of course he is also drawing the covers to Earth 2 and Vibe but still. Secondly, expect a lot those  creative changes we were talking about to be announced at DC today for April. Thirdly, I have confirmed that, yes, in April, DC[...]
Brett Booth Replies To Bleeding Cool Over X-O Manowar
Valiant people seemed to see the similarity. Brett Booth, artist of the issue, didn't quite see the same, and sent Bleeding Cool the design of the full character to compare and contrast… A couple of days ago, we ran a piece that compared a character on the cover of Nightwing to X-O Manowar Valiant people seemed[...]
Brett Booth For Nightwing, Eddy Barrows For Superboy?
Yesterday, we reported that Brett Booth was leaving Teen Titans with issue 16 But where is he going? We did a little detective work… he's moving to a solo book it seems He's choosing to move, so it might be to a more high profile book, maybe one that pays higher royalties? Looking at his blog's[...]
Brett Booth To Leave Teen Titans With Issue 16
Bleeding Cool has been running a number of rumours on a number of creators leaving their DC New 52 books with issue 15 or 16, some moving to other books, some seeing their books cancelled, some just leaving full stop, and a whole bunch of new creators coming in. The latest, and rather confirmed this time,[...]
Brett Booth Keeps On Drawing Wally West
But Brett Booth does insist on keeping drawing him I wonder if he knows something we don't? He writes; I'd love to spin a Wally Flash book out of TT, but I do have another idea as well;) The character may have been deleted by the evnts of Flashpoint But Brett Booth does insist on keeping[...]
DC Comics' Gay Teen Titan – Bunker
In conversation with Gail Simone with Brett Booth on Twitter, Brett Booth has announced that one of the new characters in the relaunched Teen Titans is gay Initially known as The Wall in early publicity, now known as Bunker, Gail Simone is appearing at the Montreal Comic Con and she wanted to let people know about[...]
Fanboy Rampage: Brett Booth Vs Merrit Nolan
One fellow called Merritt Nolan, who posts on 4chan/co, emailed Brett Booth, the new artist on Teen Titans And got a reply And posted it, seemingly hoping to make Brett look bad. Bleeding Cool believes it does the opposite… Dear Mr Booth: I've always loved reading Green Arrow, not only as a comic book fan, but as an[...]
Preview Pages From Teen Titans #1 And #2
Brett Booth has been blogging pages from the upcoming Teen Titans relaunch, as well as character designs for the team. Issue 1, page 3, the first appearance in the book of Kid Flash The first appearance of N.O.W.H.E.R.E from issue 1, page 8 Then two pages from issue 2, first we have page 9, then the first appearance[...]
DC Relaunch: Cover To Teen Titans #1
By Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund. Now where do you get a tattoo needle made out of Kryptonite? Links to Bleeding Cool's complete DC relaunch coverage It appears that the image released by DC Comics with the information about the Teen Titans #1 relaunch in September was not the actual cover to the comic in question[...]
DC Relaunch: Scott Lobdell, Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund On Teen Titans #1
The writer at the time was JT Krul, who seems to have done okay from the DC Relaunch already. So yes, we have Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth on Teen Titans #1 I can understand why CBR people thought Fabian Nicieza, given their shared history But still… Sometimes I just need to look through my old[...]