Titans #15 Review: The Titans Begin To Collapse

Cover to Titans #15 by Brett Booth
Titans #15

Arsenal has caught Nightwing talking to H.I.V.E in a covert radio transmission. He and the rest of the Titans are not happy about this at all.

Meanwhile, Herald and Gnarrk are continuing their assault on H.I.V.E to reclaim Bumblebee's memories. Psimon begins to be afflicted by telepathic storms from within his jail cell. Omen is worried that she will be the doom that befalls the world from within the Titans. Flash has an important conversation with Donna and is writing a letter that he needs to give to Nightwing.

A lot of things are coming to a head this issue, and it's unknown if the Titans can make it through to the other side of this crisis.

This is a pretty tense issue. While it does risk falling into teeny-bopper melodramatics with the confrontation between Wally and Donna towards the beginning, it resolves these problems quickly to deal with the more pressing drama with H.I.V.E, Nightwing, and Omen.

The H.I.V.E threat is coming to a head here, as—something—has come from the other side and begins possessing people at their compound. It's such a pressing danger that they call for the Titans to help. Or they call them to a trap. It's not actually clear yet.

The backing narration of Wally's letter to Dick adds an extra layer of tension to the proceedings. You know what Wally is going to say, and you don't want him to say it. It's also a…dangerous thing to say in this kind of business.

Consequently, it kind of foreshadows the ending a little too heavily, and it's an ending that you know can't be what it seems. This does detract from the issue a bit, but it doesn't damage the narrative quality that badly.

Interior Art to Titans #15 by Brett Booth
Titans #15 art by Brett Booth

Brett Booth's artwork is as well-suited for the title as it ever was. He was an excellent choice for this iteration of the Titans, and I'm glad he's stuck around for most of the series. Norm Rapmund's inks compliment his style perfectly too.

Andrew Dalhouse's color work is bright and lively to match the characters and Booth's artwork. The artistic team for this comic has been firing on all cylinders since the beginning, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Dan Abnett's Titans continues to be one of the all-stars of DC's Rebirth. This issue is one of the high points of the series in spite of its minute shortcomings. This was a highly enjoyable read, and it easily earns its recommendation. Check this one out.

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