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In the three-minute animated short below, Stewie and Brian go the Fantastic Voyage route to explain to Peter why being vaccinated is important for him and those around him; and how the more folks vaccinated in as timely a manner as possible can keep the virus from mutating (we won't spoil the jokes along the[...]
'Family Guy': Adam West Wants to Be Our Mayor in Touching Tribute [VIDEO]
Though some time has passed since the town of Quahog lost its great, zombie-fearing, cat-launching "Mayor West," FOX's Family Guy gave late actor Adam West the honor and respect he deserves during its 17th season finale "Adam West High." In the following clip that ran after the episode, West makes his pitch to be the[...]
'Family Guy' Pays Tribute to Adam West as Only 'Family Guy' Can [VIDEO]
Though some time has passed since Quahog lost its "Mayor West," FOX's Family Guy is set to give late actor Adam West the honor and respect he deserves – just as long as Brian's mayor Which means we need bitter, angry Quagmire to lose See? This is where things start to get complicated in this[...]
'Family Guy': TBS Reveals Seth MacFarlane's 20th Anniversary Marathon Eps
to 10 p.m.   Here's a look at the line-up for TBS' upcoming Family Guy 20th anniversary marathon, as well as a brief thought or two from MacFarlane on each episode: 10:30 AM – "Road to Rhode Island" Brian goes to California to escort Stewie home from his visit with his grandparents. "This was the first Stewie/Brian road show we[...]
Fox Renews Family Guy for Season 16, Bob's Burgers for Season 9
wenty-four hours after what can best be described as "Cancel Friday," -- where a solid number of series were cancelled by several networks -- comes a little positive (thought not surprising) news on the animation front: Fox has renewed Family Guy for a 16th season and Bob’s Burgers for a ninth season.
Family Guy's 300th Episode Preview: Brian vs. Stewie – It's On!
But I digress… But while Fox and friends may be popping the champagne corks, it appears Sunday night's "Dogs Bites Bear" won't be anything to celebrate for Brian and Stewie The relationship between the constant companions and lifetime partners may have finally passed a point of no return: Stewie learns that Brian destroyed Rupert (yup, that[...]