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Evanescence 'Synthesis Live': Band Finds A Beautiful New Sound

Back to business.With one of the best birthday presents life (and Bleeding Cool) could've ever thrown my way, I had the opportunity to cover Evanescence's show at the King’s Theatre in Brooklyn What made this experience extra special was that the band wasn't alone: their U.S and Canadian "Synthesis Live" tour also features a live,[...]

'Too Many Stars' Crowd Jon Stewart In Promo For HBO Autism Event

Just last week, Stewart crashed Jimmy Kimmel’s final monologue from Jimmy Kimmel Live's "Brooklyn Week" with a break-dancing crew to recruit Kimmel and Matt Damon for the cause: of Too Many Stars: America Unites for Autism Programs is produced for the cable giant by Busboy Productions and White Cherry Entertainment and directed by Michael Dempsey[...]

A Statue Grows In Brooklyn, But Debuts In San Diego

The new 1 ton bronze statue of Captain America is making its debut at the San Diego Comic Con this weekend before its shipped to Brooklyn, NY where it will reside in Prospect Park starting August 10th The video below shows the statue's unveiling by Marvel at the convention as well as shows that there[...]

Saoirse Ronan Leads The Restrained But Heartfelt Brooklyn — A Review

Brooklyn is charming coming of age drama filled with big emotions -- even if they are restrained Set in the early 1950s, Saoirse Ronan stars as Eilis, an Irish immigrant to Brooklyn who comes into her own after her sister arranges for her to find a better life in America Though happy to escape her[...]

This Weekend In Brooklyn: Don't Miss 300 Artists At The Gowanus Open Studios Event

Gowanus, Brooklyn, is the home to a thriving art community, and there's a particular block of warehouse space where comic artists, in particular, have been making their living for some time Included in that is my haunt, Hang Dai Studios, featuring Dean Haspiel, Gregory Benton, Christa Cassano, Joe Infurnari, Swifty Lang, Jonathan Allen, and more,[...]

Flame Con 2 Increases In Both Size And Duration… second annual Flame Con, the Brooklyn-based LGBTQ comic convention is expanding from one day to two next year, taking August 20th and 21st at a larger venue at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott.The first show this June was the largest queerfocused pop culture expo ever held in New York as over a hundred comic creators and media stars showed off[...]

Ponycon Comes To Brooklyn – And Wins

Written by Amanda GurallI am going to start this by saying that while my 7 year old daughter loves the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic I do not consider myself a fan although I am familiar with pony and Brony culture through friends and other events.  We attended the 2015 Ponycon in Brooklyn, NY last week and it was nice[...]

The Parties Of New York Comic Con 2014 – So Far

Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Sing-Along and Joss Whedon-Themed Party - TWO SHOWS!9:45 pm and 11.45pm Union Hall - Brooklyn 702 Union Street Brooklyn, NY, 11215Featuring: - Dr Horrible and Whedon-themed contests and trivia with cool (and evil) prizes like memorabilia from across the Whedonverse, Evil League of Evil membership cards, free drinks and gift cards for[...]

So Who At Marvel Licensing Signed Off On These?

Tony from The Action Room went shopping in Brooklyn And shared his spoils...Such as the Hawkeye Mini-Hauler Because, you know, Hawkeye often has a lot of stuff to haul.And a Silver Surfer mini-hauler, because sometimes the power cosmic of an intergalactic surfboard just doesn't deliver enough torque.You can find these and more here.Oh and the[...]

Daredevil Filming In Brooklyn Today, Under The Name Of 'Bluff'

Thanks to Bleeding Cool reader Craig Engler, who spotted Charlie Cox sitting in a very familiar chair, and filming today in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, something called "Bluff"."Blind Man's Bluff" perhaps?That's the upcoming Netflix series Daredevil, folks.Thanks to Bleeding Cool reader Craig Engler, who spotted Charlie Cox sitting in a very familiar chair, and filming today[...]

A Comic Show In Brooklyn: Picture In Picture Exhibition At Launchpad

However, if there’s anything that last Tuesday’s gallery opening of Picture in Picture: A Comics Show at Launchpad in Brooklyn suggests it’s that the art world and popular culture are finally both able and beginning to embrace the sophisticated, sequential illustrative style of comics.As Picture in Picture’s curator Jess Worby understands very well, comics have[...]

Brooklyn Loves Digital Comics

Portland? No. Seattle? No. Manhattan? No. San Diego? No. The greatest concentration of people reading comics on the Nook is in Brookyln. Analysis welcome.

The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

As The Monster Shop is the latest of the Dave Egger inspired studios  on hig streets in London, what better reason to take at look at the five year old Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.This amazing looking store, feeling that it fell straight out of Acme Novelty Library, is a front for the nonprofit organization 826NYC,[...]