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Batman Editor Mark Doyle Is Going With DC Comics To Burbank After All
Photo by Fiona Wilson for Comics Anonymous. Earlier this year, when DC Comics announced the publisher was moving from New York to Burbank, DC Vertigo editor Mark Doyle told his bosses that he was not going to move with them A New York native, his family are based in the state, and moving them was just not[...]
Today Is D-Day For DC Comics' June Mini-Relaunch
After the Convergence event comes to an end and DC Comics has moved from New York to Burbank, expect a bunch of new ongoing comics and some relaunches. They will need to get started soon if they are going to have get ahead of production for June Is this just smart planning… or is this the first signs[...]
Ellie Pyle Moves From Marvel In New York To DC/Vertigo In Burbank
But now that's happened and I've had it confirmed, Marvel's Ellie Pyle is moving from Marvel in New York to work at Burbank for the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics. Currently Pyle works as an associate editor for Marvel, including working on Spider-Man books, Daredevil and launching Silk[...]
Who Wants To Be A DC Comics Vice President?
Bleeding Cool ran a list of DC Comics people moving to Burbank… and a lot of people who are not Warners have begun advertising positions that will be filled in Burbank, and this is just the start However, of the eighty-possibly-plus positions that will be vacated at DC Comics, not all will be filled in[...]
Today DC Comics Staff Learn Details About The Big Move West
I am told that just over a week ago, DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson sent out an e-mail sent to New York DC Comics staffers. Telling them that today, DC Comics will reveal details regarding the move from New York to Burbank next April. Including exactly when the different departments will be packing up and moving.  Six months to go[...]
Two DC Comics Editors Leave – One To Marvel, One To Valiant (UPDATE x2)
I'm told of two more DC Comics editorial staff who won't be making the move from New York to Burbank – and, indeed, won't be spending any more time at DC Comics And both let DC Comics know yesterday. I'm told that newly promoted editor Katie Kubert of Batman, Detective Comics and Batman Eternal will be[...]
The Comic Industry Reacts To… Bob Wayne's Departure
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool broke the story that DC Comics' longest standing executive, Bob Wayne, would be stepping down from the publisher when it moves from New York to Burbank. Reaction was swift, Bob Wayne and I started one week apart at DC back in '87 I know how tired I am now, and he's WAY older, so[...]
Bob Wayne, Senior VP DC Comics To Leave After Twenty-Eight Years At The Company
When he had newcomers hired above him, both Stephanie Fierman and Steve Rotterdam, he survived when they were dismissed and when DC Comics then reorganised, was promoted to Senior VP Sales where he has remained since. But I understand at the Diamond Retail Summit in Las Vegas, that he told folk that he would not be joining[...]
DC Comics No Longer To Close In 2015 For Two Months
Creators have been especially skittish, and the big news at C2E2 was how many of them were setting up books at Image, Boom, IDW, Avatar, Dynamite, Dark Horse and more ahead of fears for their longevity at DC. Now it appears that staff will be sent up in groups to set up shop in Burbank while[...]
Things To Do In Burbank Saturday If You Like Comics And Horror
Magnolia Blvd in beautiful downtown Burbank right next door to "the Writer's Store" Run by Del Howison and his wife Sue, Dark Del is a mecca for fans of horror from books, comics, novelties, movies, soundtracks and even fragrances It is an amazing place to go just about any day. But besides a treasure trove of[...]
Mad Magazine To Stay In New York?
So DC Comics is set to move its entire operation to Burbank, part of the Warner Bros studios It should happen in April 2015 But there's one group of folk that haven't been mentioned. And that's the guys who create MAD Magazine, bought by DC Comics and moved into their New York offices. Back when the DC[...]