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DC Comics Big Moves Around The Warners Lot
The comic book publisher, owned by Warner Bros and currently headquartered in their Burbank offices in Los Angeles, has been mostly working from home from the last two years Bleeding Cool reported that employees had been invited into the offices to clear their desks as DC Comics moves locations within Warner Bros, and will be[...]
DC Comics Moving Offices Yet Again, To A "Hot Desk" Model
Wall, a couple of weeks ago, I got the word that over the past few weeks DC Comics staff, who had still been working from home, had been allowed into the Burbank headquarters building to retrieve their belongings which they couldn't get at during the lockdowns That they had been told that Warners was to[...]
JobWatch: DC Comics Intern Positions In Burbank For The Summer
Want to work for DC Comics? Want to give up your summer? Can you get to Burbank, California and stay with someone for free, living off ramen and sunshine? Well, here are three opportunities for you, that you will have to apply for by the end of the month. DC Logo   Summer 2022 Hybrid Intern, Talent Services[...]
Disney's 'Zeke and Luther' Star Adam Hicks Arrested in Armed Robbery Case
The Burbank Police Department reports that the 25-year-old actor was accused of robbing several people on the street Wednesday morning Court records show that Hicks was formally arrested around 2 p.m and is currently being held on $350,000 bail. He is due to appear in court on Friday. TMZ was the first to break the news, reporting[...]
45 Photos From The 43rd Annual Saturn Awards
True, in the past few years the categories have grown to include some projects that aren't quite as genre as others, but popular culture is flush with heroes and aliens lately. President and Executive Producer Robert Holguin, along with Producer/Writers Bradley Marcus and Kevin Marcus (The Marcus Brothers) were on hand for another year of awesomeness[...]
A More Right-Wing DC Comics For 2016?
The books remain conservative in nature but in individual execution can be very liberal in message. I understand that at a recent mini-summit for DC Comics writers at the Burbank offices, politics came up There was a recognition that DC's audience had expanded with newer, more progressive titles, such as Batgirl, Prez and Gotham Academy. But there[...]
DC Comics Responds To Bleeding Cool Via The LA Daily News (VIDEO)
Burbank, CA 8/28/2015 (photo by John McCoy Daily News)" Ex-CBR writer Beau Yarbrough ran a relatively-puff piece about DC Comics move from New York to Burbank for the LA Daily News. During which, DC co-publisher Dan DiDio responds to recent stories on Bleeding Cool reporting a financial shortfall, a change in approach to publication and planned new[...]
Today, For The Comic Industry, Is #ThankYouBob Wayne Day
Today is DC Comics' last day in New York City as the offices on 1700 Broadway close, the publisher relocating to Burbank/ It is also the last day for 77 DC employees who have declined to make the move west to Burbank One is Bob Wayne, Senor VP Sales, leaving the company after twenty-eight years. A comic[...]
70 DC Comics Staff Move To Burbank, 77 Will Leave The Publisher
And shows that 70 will be joining the publisher as it moves from New York to Burbank and that 77 are not Their positions will be effectively terminating with the move in April – if they haven't left already – though there are generous terms, and many will be on gardening leave for a year, effectively[...]
As DC Comics Prepares To Leave New York, They Smash Up Their Own Offices
And right now it looks like it needs a Band-Aid. Next month, DC Comics says goodbye to those offices, moving to Burbank in Los Angeles But on the way out, it appears they are laying waste to them in fiction, even Superman having difficulty keeping up the towering behemoth. Maybe if Man Of Steel had been a[...]
As The DC Comics Summit Ends…
We ran a couple of pieces as the DC Comics creators headed to Burbank for a creative summit Their names were in lights and everything So we got a little peek via Twitter through the heavy security demands… as ever, Scott SNyder seemed to be having the most fun! On my way to the DC talent[...]
More DC Comics Creators Get Ready For Burbank
So comic creators are heading to Burbank for the DC creative summit Of course, some are already there… Amanda and I are in Burbank for the DC summit Came a few days early to see some friends and enjoy some Downtime pic.twitter.com/VpK21tzNoe — Jimmy Palmiotti (@jpalmiotti) February 7, 2015 Some are kicking their heels… What is there to do[...]
DC Comic Creators On Their Way To Their Creative Summit In Burbank
We told you that DC Comics was having a three-day Creative Summit starting tomorrow in Burbank Well, Scott Snyder has been rallying the troops. And… I just bought my ticket to @DCComics first big talent summit in Burbank next week Looking forward to tanning with many creator friends — Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835) February 6, 2015 Though not everyone is[...]
The DC Comics June Mini-Relaunch Teased With New 8 Page Stories In Convergence Titles
A shot of 'Doomed' from yesterday's retailers meetings at Burbank Revealed at yesterday's DC Comics retailer meeting in Burbank, every one of the forty Convergence comics in May will feature a new eight page insert of an upcoming June mini-relaunch comic book. Not a preview, these will be original stories by the title's creative teams and will[...]