CBS Refuses to Pay Ransom For Fourth Season Order

CBS Refuses to Pay 'Ransom" For Fourth Season Order

While his ability to manipulate sets him above others in his field, it often causes issues in his personal and professional relationships. Ransom started out in 2016 with a 13 episode first season order, and faced its first cancellation in 2017 when CBS and the RTLGroup decided against a second season The show was still popular[...]

The Red Line Officially Shuttered by CBS

"The Red Line" Officially Shuttered by CBS

The Red Line has been officially cancelled by CBS, and will not be returning for a second season. The show had been intended as a limited series from the beginning, but the seeds for an expanded story had been in place from the beginning. The Red Line was produced by Greg Berlanti and Ava Duvernay, […]

Netflix Takes Axe to One Day at a Time After Three Seasons at a Time

Netflix Takes Axe to 'One Day at a Time' After Three Seasons at a Time

So while our hearts are very heavy, they are also bursting with the appreciation for this amazing experience.Reaction from the cast and crew has been supportive, sad, and grateful to the show's fans: fans have weighed in on the cancellation as well, with Lin-Manuel Miranda posing a serious question at NBC: Ted Sarando, the Chief[...]

SYFY Grants Z Nation Final Mercy: Cables Fun Zombie Show Cancelled

SYFY Grants 'Z Nation' Final Mercy: Cable's "Fun" Zombie Show Cancelled

It seems to be a "Christmas Massacre" for genre shows as SYFY has cancelled Z Nation, the channel's long-running zombie series. The show is currently in its fifth season, with its finale schedule to air on Friday December 28th. Looks like that will be the show's ending as well. The show's producer David Michael Latt […]

Did ABC Just Stealth-Cancel Marvels Inhumans

Did ABC Just Stealth-Cancel Marvel's Inhumans?

We developed a couple things this season that we don’t think are going to end up going forward, so we’re going to look really carefully about what we do next, because the idea for us is to come up with something that works very well for both Marvel and ABC, so we’re going to continue[...]

Amazon Doesnt Love Dick One Mississippi or Jean-Claude Van Johnson

Amazon Doesn't Love Dick, One Mississippi or Jean-Claude Van Johnson

With a move that many are seeing as Amazon continuing their purge of ousted president Roy Price's original-programming strategy, Amazon has announced that they've cancelled three original series:  I Love Dick, One Mississippi and Jean-Claude Van Johnson. Company founder Jeff Bezos mandated a move away from their current programming strategy and toward larger, broader series that can […]

Netflix Cancels The Get Down After One Season

Netflix Cancels The Get Down After One Season

Netflix has decided not to renew its hip-hop musical original series The Get Down according to Deadline. It's the rare Netflix show not to get a second season. The season reportedly cost about $120 million and is the first series by Baz Luhrmann. It went through a lengthy and difficult pre-production that caused delays and […]

Sleepy Hollow Loses Its Head And Wont Be Back For Season Five

'Sleepy Hollow' Loses Its Head And Won't Be Back For Season Five

It appears that the adventures of Ichabod Crane in the modern era are over. Fox has decided not to renew Sleepy Hollow for a fifth season according to Variety. While a fan favorite in its first few seasons Sleepy Hollow the ratings began to drop off considerably. It wrapped up its fourth season with significantly […]

Frequency And No Tomorrow Are Given The Axe By The CW

'Frequency' And 'No Tomorrow' Are Given The Axe By The CW

The CW has decided that two of its freshmen dramas are not going to get to sophmore year as they canceled Frequency and No Tomorrow today according to Deadline. Both of the shows premiered on the later side for freshmen dramas with both shows starting their thirteen episode runs in October and ending by late […]

Goodbye Yellowbrick Road: NBC Cancels Emerald City

Goodbye Yellowbrick Road: NBC Cancels 'Emerald City'

Looks like the small screen adventures in Oz have come to an end; NBC has canceled freshmen series Emerald City according to TVline. The seires, which launched in January, started out with a 4.5 million / 1.0 demo rating but dropped to a 2.9mill/0.7 which aren't the numbers needed at NBC to keep a show […]

Syfy Gives The Axe To Incorporated After One Season

Syfy Gives The Axe To 'Incorporated' After One Season

In one of those "comes as a shock to no one" moments, Syfy has announced that they will not be picking up Incorporated for a second season. The Matt Damon and Ben Affleck produced sci-fi series had completed it's first season airing last month but hadn't been able to improve it's average episode viewing numbers […]

Invaders And Secret Avengers On Notice Storm and Nightcrawler Get Renewed

Invaders And Secret Avengers On Notice, Storm and Nightcrawler Get Renewed?

I understand that Marvel have informed the editorial and creative teams that both the Invaders and Secret Avengers comics are on notice for cancellation and will survive on an issue-to-issue basis.So if you like the books, now is the time to start evangelising on their behalf.We'd previously reported, later confirmed, that Mighty Avengers would be[...]

All-New Ghost Rider To Join All-New Ultimates In Cancellation With #12

All-New Ghost Rider To Join All-New Ultimates In Cancellation With #12?

The current November solicitations for All-New Ultimates do seem to suggest that the three issues in November, December and January will be that title's last, taking it to #12. ALL-NEW ULTIMATES #10 MICHEL FIFFE (w) • AMILCAR PINNA (a) Cover by DAVID NAKAYAMA THE ULTIMATE UNIVERSE IS A DANGEROUS PLACE FOR A TEEN SUPER-HERO!!! • […]

The Death Of Elektra

The Death Of Elektra

I understand that the creative team for Marvel's ongoing series Elektra, namely William H. Blackman and Michael Del Mundo, were told by Marvel that the comic was being cancelled, last week. But they were also told not to worry to much as Marvel loved what they did with the character and want to use them on another […]

Enter The DC Relaunch Deadpool!

Fifty-two titles. All monthly. All starting in September. All going day-and-date digital simultaneously – which can need a greater lead time than the printing press. Getting print dates and digital dates to match can be tricky when a publisher is dealing with Diamond on one side and Apple on the other. Also, not every artist […]

DC Confirms Cancellations&#8230

DC Confirms Cancellations…

Earlier, Bleeding Cool talked about the impending cancellation of The Outsiders, Doom Patrol, Freedom Fighters, Rebels, and JSA All Stars.Then DC released their solicitations for April 2011.Final Issue.. Final Issue.. Final Issue...Final Issue.. Final Issue... BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS #40 Written by DAN DIDIO Art by KEITH GIFFEN and SCOTT KOBLISH Cover by PHILIP TAN Batman arrives in an[...]