Cannes Film Festival

Linda Manz Days of Heaven and Out of the Blue Star Passes Away

Linda Manz, Days of Heaven and Out of the Blue Star, Passes Away

The movie ran in competition at the Cannes Film Festival and has maintained a cult reputation in Europe and the UK as one of the truly Punk movies.Manz dropped out of acting after Out of the Blue until Harmony Korine coaxed her back to appear in the odd, surreal Gummo in 1997 to play the[...]

Willem Dafoe Stars In Tommaso Check Out The Trailer Now

Willem Dafoe Stars In Tommaso, Check Out The Trailer Now

The surreal drama had its debut at last years Cannes Film Festival, Tommaso tells the story of a man trying to hold onto his sobriety while his life spins out of control down darker and darker paths Reviews have been pretty positive so far for the film, calling it one of Ferrara's most personal and[...]

Spike Lees New Film Da 5 Bloods Debuts On Netflix June 12th

Spike Lee's New Film Da 5 Bloods Debuts On Netflix June 12th

He was also just selected as the first black president of the Cannes Film Festival jury, although we do not know when the festival may take place and in what form this year.One thing is for sure; Da 5 Bloods has a lot of buzz One thing everyone respects about Lee is his ability to[...]

Parasite: Bong Jun-Ho Adam McKay In Talks For HBO Limited Series Adapt

"Parasite": Bong Jun-Ho, Adam McKay In Talks For HBO Limited Series Adapt

Parasite is one of the most acclaimed movies of 2019, winning the Palme d'Or at Cannes and a box office hit virtually everywhere it played. Now HBO wants to turn it into a limited series. Directors Bong Jun-Ho and Adam McKay are both in talks for the adaptation. can't be loaded because JavaScript is […]

Out of the Blue: Kickstarter to Restore Dennis Hoppers Cult Classic in 4K

"Out of the Blue": Kickstarter to Restore Dennis Hopper's Cult Classic in 4K

He rewrote the entire screenplay over the weekend and started shooting on Monday. turned what was meant to be an after school special TV movie into a bleak, nihilistic drama that lost its certification as a Canadian movie and set producers and financiers at odds.  When the movie premiered in the Cannes Film Festival in[...]

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood New Trailer Tarantino Asks No Spoilers From Cannes

'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' New Trailer, Tarantino Asks "No Spoilers" From Cannes

Quinten Tarantino's 9th feature film, Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood has had it's official premiere. Following this, a new official full-length trailer for the flick was released to international audiences. The story is familiar, at least for those who know the tale of Charles Manson and his "family" during the 1969 string of murders, including actress and model […]

Kung Fury 2 Sets Production Date After Landing Major Investor at Cannes

'Kung Fury 2' Sets Production Date After Landing Major Investor at Cannes

Sandberg plans to reprise his role as Kung Fury. Entertainment USA, ran by Ma and George Acogny, took a majority stake in the film and serve as co-producers, according to the Hollywood Reporter at the Cannes Film Festival Creasun joins Jill Ahrens, Ryan Ahrens, and Ben Renzo from Argent Pictures, which also has a hand[...]

[Cannes] Zach Braff Joins All-Star Cast in The Comeback Trail

[Cannes] Zach Braff Joins All-Star Cast in 'The Comeback Trail'

Zach Braff will join quite the company of seasoned actors signing on to the George Gallo written-and-directed action-comedy The Comeback Trail.[caption id="attachment_1032514" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins /[/caption]The former Scrubs star joins Hollywood legends with over 150 years combined on screen in Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones, and Morgan Freeman in the[...]

At Long Last Terry Gilliam Has Screened The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

At Long Last, Terry Gilliam Has Screened "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote"

Closing out the famed Cannes Film Festival Saturday night, the gathered audience treated the 77 year old filmmaker to a standing ovation last almost 15 minutes long.  Why you ask? Because he's finally completed his quest.We're not kidding when we say almost 30 years, as this seemingly impossible dream of Gilliam's began life back in[...]

Terry Gilliam Says He Didnt Have a Stroke It Was a Perforated Artery

Terry Gilliam Says He Didn't Have a Stroke, It Was a Perforated Artery

Let us first say how glad we are the medical issues Terry Gilliam was suffering from last week have worked themselves out in a non-deadly way.[caption id="attachment_850204" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Terry Gilliam attends a screening of 'Julieta' at the annual 69th Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals on May 17, 2016 in Cannes, France.Photo by Denis[...]

Thandie Newtons Star Wars Cannes Dress for Solo Premiere Is Amazing

Thandie Newton's Star Wars Cannes Dress for 'Solo' Premiere Is Amazing

With film premieres comes red carpets and fancy dresses but Thandie Newton's Star Wars gown for the Cannes Film Festival premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story is out of this world.Zoomed out, it looks like a silk print gown with reds, yellows, and blues.  In fact it's Vivienne Westwood Couture, one of their “Absence of Rose” prints[...]

Updates on Terry Gilliam Cannes Decision and More

Updates on Terry Gilliam, Cannes Decision, and More

He was taken ill over the weekend, in part due to the stress around the movie, but he is now recovering well in London and will be in Cannes for the film’s premiere on Saturday."This is great news, as we were really concerned for Gilliam's health, and this at least is less troubling than a[...]

UPDATE- Terry Gilliam Suffers Stroke Amazon Pulls Distribution For Quixote

UPDATE- Terry Gilliam Suffers Stroke, Amazon Pulls Distribution For 'Quixote'

Monty Python member Terry Gilliam has reportedly suffered a stroke, but is currently at home after being released from the hospital.  The report comes from a French newspaper (which google translate hasn't done the best job of). Filmmaker Gilliam has been waiting to complete his 20 year plus film odyssey The Man Who Killed Don Quixote for…..well, 20+ […]

Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves ARE Returning as Bill & Ted for 3rd Film

With Cannes Film Festival happening in France for the next two weeks, expect a wash of information to come in about upcoming films, picture deals, and news One of the most nostalgically awesome (and long-rumored) tidbits happened this morning, with word coming that both Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves are indeed reprising their roles as Ted “Theodore” Logan and[...]

The Hitmans Bodyguard Sequel The Hitmans Wifes Bodyguard Happening

'The Hitman's Bodyguard' Sequel 'The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard' Happening

Remember how excited we all were when the team-up of Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson in The Hitman's Bodyguard was announced? Just me? Okay, fine then, maybe you won't care so much about this tidbit of information coming from Millennium Films at Cannes. The Hollywood Reporter says there are posters for The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard are up around the famous […]